Kim and Putin

Different people have different values

My conclusion is that I think things will only progress in maintaining the status quo.

Even if we trace the history of humanity, there has never been a case where humans ruled the nation and made all the people happy.

It can be honestly convinced that there is only stupid entertainment news that the general public is paying attention to.

I am an Asian, so I can see things from two perspectives of subjective and objective from an Asian perspective.

It is normal for me that it is difficult for me to agree on the behavior and opinions of people of different races, such as whites and Arabs.

In other words, it is easy and not difficult to predict what North Korea will do in the future.

I feel sad for Korea and the impression for the national zone of the Korean Peninsula is that it was an ancient and peaceful peninsula.

I may imagine the conflict of Koreans considering that the present condition is established in various historical backgrounds.

It’s a very complicated issue, given the impression that North Korea has no idea where to think about things and move things forward.

I feel that China will never be a democracy and North Korea will continue its socialist system as well.

I think that it is a fact that it causes a national clash because the historical views and preconceptions among nations are different among different positions.

As a nuclear-armed nation, North Korea will continue to think about national policies and I can not empathize with it because I am not a North Korean or a Korean.

The state to which North Korea is aiming is China and Russia of superpowers, and there is a gap between morals of North Koreans and morals of liberals.

I myself can not imagine the future of North Korea’s democratization by breaking up the socialist system.

I can not look forward to becoming a democratic nation on the Korean peninsula, seeing the North Korean military parade and the masses.

Leaders of North Korea and South Korea and politicians are shaking hands for friendship, but it is disappointing that it is only a superficial part.

I do not hear that there is a concrete progress, I think that the concept of Asian stereotypes is basically a stubborn character

I wonder what the aesthetics of becoming mean while the high pride part is a disaster.

Russians are basically Europeans and their partners are basically European countries.

The situation in Northeast Asian countries is not important for Russia, and the values and sensitivities of Asians and Europeans are completely different.

Still I feel confident and compassionate that North Korea, South Korea, and Japan are the only ones that come to Europe.

There is little merit in dealing with friendship with distant foreign countries, and the state of holding a bond between neighboring countries feels child’s selfishness.

The level of thought and action in North Korea, South Korea and Japan is felt to be childish at the fifth grade level compared to European countries.

Brain level of childless Northeast Asians who are not adults for European countries that are firmly dealing with adults.

Every time I see an image of Japan doing European diplomacy, I can see that adults and children have a story that seems difficult.

Whenever I see the actions and attitudes of the Nordic nations, I feel stressed about my natural race and nationality and escape from reality.

The future of Northeast Asians who do not have the feeling of making compromises or giving a constructive judgment by advancing things with emotions is dark is dark.

After all, it seems that North Korea doing various diplomacy seems to be asking for help and it seems to be very exposed to the decline of the national power.

People from all over the world do not think that they are very interested in North Korea and Russia’s diplomatic relations, and everyone is indifferent to North Korea.

Simply because North Korea continues dictatorship simply after World War II is over and it is just right and pride is high.

If North Korea makes a revolutionary contribution to humanity such as flying cars and time machines, countries all over the world will recognize it.

North Koreans have to prove that they are good Korean people, and the words are free and there is no point in beautifying old things.

I have no intention to say anything to North Koreans or Koreans who are jealous of Japanese people, and there is no controversy there.

They have the same view of history as Koreans but I have no sympathy for Koreans and North Koreans.

I don’t argue about history because I already think about the problem from the other’s point of view and just concentrate on my present daily life.

I have a desire to help North Koreans who are suffering from hunger, and I think North Korea and the United States are likely to struggle with something.

There is a risk of losing pride and losing vitality if you compromise with compromise by continuing to hold your conviction.

It is normal for North Korea’s action to improve the state system with Russia at the end of the best choice.

I think that the possibility of democratization and unification of the Korean peninsula is low considering the historical background up to the establishment of the state of the absolute North Korea.

I think all the Korean people hope for the unification of the Korean peninsula, but it is a difficult story that there is a concrete plan to realize it.

We live in the present age by giving priority to our own interests and then judging, acting and speaking.

I feel that the desire for a great return works in the negative and the greed attitude is the cause for creating an evil future after all.

I always want to ask God why he created a human being against a living human being who feels anger.

I have never recognized a nuclear power state like Russia or the United States, but I recognize that the welfare state is the most desirable national model.

European countries who are serious about global environmental issues feel that they are advanced countries and at the most advanced level.

I think that the corporate philosophy of further expanding production activities is money-making and individualism, and no excuses apply there.

I can live comfortably without loss if I stand by silently, but I want to imitate and execute people who confront issues with a sense of justice.

A nation that violates God’s teaching that humans can not rule humans collapses and I feel human foolishness every time I read the Bible carefully.

The teaching that upper life is happy if you live in a restricted life is what the upper class pushed against working class people.

If you live with the idea that there is no world after death, you will not be afraid of killing people or living in greed and will satisfy your desires.

What if there was a world after death?

I believe in the world after death and insure.

I’m trying to do my best to go to heaven, and I can assert that I will not regret anything even if there is no afterlife.

Events such as oil export restrictions to Iran in the United States, income tax increase in France, and elections in Egypt and Morocco have meaning.

We are convinced that if we proceed with the idea that North Korea purely wants world peace, we can produce good results.

Under any condition, if there is absolutely no harm, there is no chance of success and there will only be a vicious cycle.

Nationality and language should not be a problem, but should focus on each person.

I always regret to give a vitality hint for someone to live, because I will regret forever if I do not do it before I die.

I understand there is no point in trying to answer questions that have various pros and cons and no answers.

Certainly, people felt various things about North Korea’s launching rocket two years ago, but I am thinking about a human being now.

I’m trying to redo my life many times in consideration of the existence of human beings, and I maintain a balance of intelligence and humanity.

I just hope that North Korea and Russia should be a peaceful nation.

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