Kindle 📚

Kindle which is possible to read digital book, and saving own account for digital books.
Time changes to move digital market and you can purchase favorite books on web sites. Recently I have started thinking of majority’s idea and their way to live this life.


This morning, I went to Yanaka street and tried to take a picture of there.

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It was heat scotch today. It feels like wasting laboratory in my mind I though. Everyone won’t seem to realize right answer as well as people who has crime records. It is very hard thing which you always ignoring invitations of trap from advertisements, suppliers. I’ve had though about human’s consciousness or something like that.

Ecology 🏞️

  • Ecological business
  • Ecological stuff
  • Ecological plan

Kindle is lovely tool for ecology. 📚➡️💻🖥️📱
I want you not purchasing books’s stuff And you gonna use Kindle instead of essential paper’s stuff. As I told you, I worry about what they majority’s going on. I guess it will never happened.

See you tomorrow in Yoyogi park.
God bless us, Amen.
yasunari kayama 🏈

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