Kissing practice


Kissing practice

I have no experience of kissing.
This is true.
I don’t think there are many Japanese who have experienced first kiss.
I have never seen an oriental couple kissing on the street.
However, I think that many Japanese have longed for kisses due to the influence of Hollywood movies.
I think the custom of kissing is Western culture and there is no need to imitate the customs of other cultures.
If there is an Oriental who is dating or marrying a Western opposite sex, and kisses it, it will look like a humorous depiction.
I’ve seen a TV program featuring a middle-aged Italian who has never kissed.
I don’t think that all Western men have experience of kissing and this is a prejudice.
Some Japanese do not bow at all if there is a Japanese who greets.
I think there are more Japanese who use dirty Japanese than Japanese who use polite language.
Anyway, the depiction of oriental kisses is ridiculous and stressful.
On the other hand, should Westerners incorporate bowing customs into Western society?
Westerners’ bowing descriptions are also humorous and unfit for things.

Kissing practice

: Kiss yourself in the mirror
: Put ice in the cup and put it in and out

I am not interested in kissing.
This is because the breath of others smells and the saliva is dirty.
I have experienced hugging with foreigners and kissing the cheeks of greetings, but I have never had a mouth to mouth.
He featured kissing practice on a sleazy Japanese TV program.
I don’t think I kiss foreigners and I’m not used to expressing love.
I don’t know how to express love for my parents, brothers, friends and teachers who have grown up without knowing how to express hugs and kisses.
However, I feel that half of the Westerners do not kiss.
In 2013, I had a homestay experience at a British home for a short-term study abroad in England.
At that time, I saw the customs of an English family, but I didn’t kiss or hug greetings, and I only remember having received an unfriendly entertainment.
It was only from Turkish students who actually received a greeting kiss.
I was staying in Manchester, England, but I have never seen a couple kissing in downtown Manchester or on the streets.
In other words, the cause of my stereotype for Westerners was a Hollywood movie.
I had a prejudice against Westerners and ignored the existence of interracial personalities.
I feel that kissing is a rare activity for countries around the world.
The ultimate way of expressing love is to kiss and there is no feeling to deny kissing itself.
However, it is not possible to suddenly become a habit of something that is not habitual, and the decision to kiss is an individual judgment.
A diplomatic westerner would ask for a kiss, and a shy Westerner would just need a hug without a kiss.
It’s meaningless for me because there is no opportunity to practice kissing.
Kissing and having a rich life makes it difficult to say goodbye to death, and we should think calmly about making love control decisions.

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