Knocking on the door to success

My word today

There are things to do to succeed

That is to keep knocking on the door to success.
There is a goddess of success in the door of success.
Most challengers are tired of knocking on the door for a few days and decline.
The goddess of success does not open the door easily.
It is important to keep knocking on the door to success and praising the goddess of success.
Imagine that.
What if someone knocks out of your house door all the time?
The sound of knocking on the door is noisy.
You lose if you open the door.
However, the knocking sound of the door is noisy and I cannot sleep.

It is important not to let the goddess of success sleep.

If you keep knocking on the success door and continue to chime, the goddess of success will surely give up and open the door.

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