Late marriage


Late marriage

Late marriage is also an aesthetic, and I think it’s a good choice to give up family and give up trying before the old age.

I live alone.

Living in an apartment in the country is very comfortable and not pessimistic about the future.

However, the feeling of seeking the opposite sex is not completely lost.
Since human emotions are unstable, it is difficult to maintain good relationships.
So I choose single life.

Can’t raise a child

I hate crying children.
That really makes me lose reason.

I’m not living in a country where tuition from elementary school to university is free.
I am reluctant to take care of mental education and childcare costs for my children.

I think that seeking a child is a human instinct.

But children are not adult pets.

Children grow up and become adults.

What do you get by raising your child?

I don’t seek companionship with the opposite sex because I feel it is dangerous to decide things emotionally.
Enjoy the development of companionship and the fun of the child’s growth process.
Which is more fun?

To love you

I am thinking of loving you.
I imagine that my wife is an old woman and lives with her.
The last part of the marriage is living with my wife, Ms. kayama.
Is it best to sleep with Ms. kayama while listening to the sound of an analog clock?
I’ve seen an old western couple kissing.
Westerners have the power to love and are not shy.
An Oriental man can only nurture love quietly and convey love with a small expression of affection.
Won’t you do tonight?
What are you going to do?
That’s it
What is that?
I love you

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