Learn and produce when you are at home


Learn and produce when you are at home

Home countermeasures are the best way to control coronavirus.
And this incident triggered a change in the lifestyle of modern people.
I feel this is a warning from God to humans.

Warning contents

Avoid excessive economic activity
Environmental destruction caused by factory production leads to human damage
Stop greenhouse gases from commuter cars

Be a producer, not a consumer

There are office workers and students on standby around the world.
What are they doing?
Don’t simply wait at home.
We recommend learning or producing when you are at home.

Start your creative activity by purchasing an application

Some employees are working overtime despite the current emergency.
There are stupid humans who prioritize doing business work rather than dying from the coronavirus.
But let’s ignore such stupid humans.
We should turn this crisis into a turning point, not a time of misery.
I think this is an opportunity to change one’s thinking.
When you find something you like, you should buy the apps you need and start building your career.
You can also use a learning application like Ubemy to learn.

We all people can’t predict the future

Postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.
Stock prices plunge around the world.
Just two months ago, the life cycle was the same as before.
I realized once again that life prediction is unnecessary.


I realize that dying is an eternal dream.
He has a desire to express a world that he cannot imagine.
The association that white is heaven would be common.

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