Lease contract


Lease contract

Rental contract situation in Japan

Personally think that in Japan where the declining birthrate and aging population is progressing now, lease contracts become somewhat easier. Companies named real estate companies are countries all over the world, but the rental contracts will be different for each country.

A series of lease contracts in Japan

  1. Search for apartments for rent on the Internet
  2. Decide the real estate agent who will act as an intermediary agent for rental agreement and inform it
  3. I go to the real estate agent and go to see the actual rental property
  4. We decide on the rental property by taking conditions such as the distance to the station, the convenience of the shopping street, the layout and the security of the town
  5. Have the real estate agent acting as an intermediary contact the landlord and become a tenant review

My terms of lease

. The layout is 1 LDK(1 dinning and kitchen, L size room)

. Internet connection is connected

. Free Rent Property(A system that allows you to free rent for one month after moving in. However, the tenancy period is at least 1 year. Penalties will be incurred if you leave within 1 month.)

Stage to enter review now

Documents to be submitted for examination have not yet been sorted out but the examination will start within this week and the results will be reviewed at the shortest in a few hours at the longest in a week. The basic condition of the lease contract in Japan is that we have to arrange a person who becomes a joint guarantor. However, in recent years a system not requiring a joint guarantor has started and can be rented even if the guarantor is unnecessary. There is a company that will become a guarantor for those who have guarantor’s substitution company and no guarantor. However, since there is no actual guarantor, there is a case that it is refused even if asking a guarantor’s agent company. It is impossible for a guarantor’s substitute company to do so unless the client has an appraisal and it does not pass the examination. Again, as a condition of the lease contract and the guarantee contract, I think that it is a mistake to recognize that the economic situation and the existence of the guarantor are absolute conditions as facts.

Basically, the lease term is 2 years and it is updated every 2 years

I am not looking for a sacred place to be my home ground. I think that the place or environment where I live should be changed, and I feel like I want to try out my skills in a foreign country in the future. If you fix places and ways of thinking, capacity will not spread and motivation will never rise. Whatever happens I believe that I should raise my experience value and ability little by little every day. Ultimately I need to decide my place of hometown but for me the city near Tokyo can not be my hometown.

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