Leave a trace of effort

Leave a trace of effort

You can’t prove your own effort unless you leave a trace of your efforts.
That’s why I write blog posts and post videos on Youtube.
The fields I work on are mainly my site and Youtube.
I also posted a bit on the site called Talent house, so please check that site.
I don’t like mass production styles, but I think it’s better to post than to keep the work in stock.
I receive a lot of emails every day, and I think it’s important to work hard to collect information.

Treatment of mental damage

I do not recommend resorting to medications for mental treatment.
If you collect information every day, you have to collect unnecessary information.
And I think it’s nonsense to compare yourself and others.
Gathering successful information from a person you dislike can take mental damage.
But we cannot ignore the information in the world.
At that time, I think there are various methods of mental treatment.
I try to think positively anyway.
But that is not an easy act.
So if you’re mentally ill, you’re good to drink, tobacco, eat and drink.

It is important to release stress first

I don’t drink and have no money to buy cigarettes.
So I eat a lot of pancakes to release stress.
In other words, it is a way to relieve stress by food.
It is easy to relieve stress without spending money the next time you restart.
A mysterious story can always produce a good idea after the slump of life.
Life’s rise and fall corrections always happen.
So it’s important to let the passage of time go without misjudgment when taking mental damage.

Change to behavior pattern

I think that office workers, freelancers, students and the elderly must definitely change their daily life habits.
And I think it’s good to recognize bad things as good things.
During my office days, I changed my lunch break location and changed my work hours a bit.
Because it was always looking for change.
Now I am changing my production location and running location to change my mind.
Posting animated videos every time is nonsense.
Simply mass-producing works of the same quality is a simple task.

Victory is with chewing gum

How long is the joy of victory?
How many hours can you soak in the joy of victory?
Becoming a winner and immersing yourself in superiority hinders your next activity.
I define the taste of success and victory as lasting only a few minutes.
For example, even if you post a video of a masterpiece, the pleasure time obtained by self-rating and others rating is about 5 minutes.
A person with a small mind that can capture things from a microscopic point of view only needs to be satisfied with the glory of his past.
On the contrary, the taste of the losers and the regrets of failure are also short-lived.
I am convinced that we can only make an effort today for the next challenge.

Just keep a record

Shoot video while running.
If you go to the library, write a blog post or borrow a book.
We can be confident that we can seize the opportunity by accumulating traces of effort.

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