Former professional boxer Lee is an athletic person.
But he is 39 years old and suffers from very lack of exercise.
The current metabolism of Lee is bad.
And I ate overeating by the reaction of the severe weight loss in the active age.
As a result, he stressed the stomach and stomach and weakened the digestive system.
He himself can actually use the wave gun.
Lee, who can master the boxing punch wave gun, is the immediate force of the group.
But his physical degeneration is definitely on the way.
Lee is the leader of the group.
There are no members who are not good at Lee.
I think Lee or Jack is the best person to consult with.

Single nobleman

Lee is single.
Before joining the group, Lee wanted a woman.
Lee himself has a longing for marriage.
But he was able to change his outlook on life with the advice of his deceased friend Nicholson.
Lee further regretted Nicholson’s self-defeat and reinforced his negative thoughts on marriage and prosperity of his descendants.
Besides Lee, bachelors, Gonzales, Smith, Rafael, and Bruce are bachelors.
His best friends are boxers or former factory or construction employees.
All of Lee’s friends are married.
They have no interest in global environmental issues.
I think the pure African Americans of bachelorism are rare.

Lee’s future

Lee is a relatively trouble free person.
Lee’s number one people to talk to are Mike and Katy, who are close to Lee’s age.
And Lee’s respected man is Jack.
After all, a former NBA player, Jack, is longing for Lee in the sports club.
Lee was originally a basketball player, but changed from basketball to boxing in an unexpected accident.
He is a man who devotes himself to environmental issues and Christian teaching.
But I think his dream is marriage and family.
After hearing Nicholson’s advice on adoptive adoption, Lee hopes to adopt African adoption one day.
However, it is impossible to be compatible with the activities of the group.
When Lee is worried or thinking alone, he often thinks about accepting an adopted child.

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