important tools

  • Natural light
  • Lens
  • Camera body
  • It is important to harmonize well the use of both natural light and strobe.
    Besides strobes, soft boxes and umbrellas, LED lights are also important equipment.
    First of all, it is important to get basic knowledge of writing.
    Next, if the lens is important and the aperture value is small, it can be made as lighter as possible.
    Basically all cameras can shoot cameras well and either full size or APC-S can be used.

    Camera settings

  • Aperture value
  • Basically leave it open. Open value!!

  • Shutter speed
  • It is important to set speed to the extent that camera shake does not occur. If the shutter speed is slow, camera shake easily.

  • ISO
  • It is best to set the basic sensitivity to low sensitivity. If you are shooting in a bright place, set the sensitivity of ISO to 100 and raise the sensitivity of ISO as it becomes a dark place. If the sensitivity of ISO is high, noise becomes easy to occur, so the exposure pentagon’s law is important. The pentagon’s law of exposure is the relationship between the aperture value, shutter speed, ISO, strobe power, flash and subject distance.

    Sun light

  • Do not position the sun in front of the subject
  • Place the sun at the back of the subject and make the edge of the subject more interesting
  • Else

  • As a talk of composition, it is better to make the background simple
  • Make the subject the main
  • Low angle shooting shows a subject innovation
  • Eye catch light
  • you can follow me, if you want

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