Lessons of life that We want to know only this

People who communicate well are good at praise

. People who can praise the merits of their opponents are confident in themselves

. Human relations will be smooth by showing it weaker than opponent

Traveling is the best way to change yourself

. Even if betrayed, I will not take revenge and forget it

. Life will be more fun if there are close friends who can talk about anything

. People who listen if you speak in a pleasant mood will also have fun

. Try speaking naturally without saying good things.

. Let’s make your own good story

  1. Laugh makes good blood
  2. Time erases everything
  3. The sun shines after the rain
  4. People filled with heart also outweigh wealth
  5. The sun shines at night
  6. There is hope as long as we live
  7. First of all, if you help yourself, God will help you

Your reward is an important motivation, so you should put on a habit of putting a happy schedule

. People who are successful at work clearly switch on and off

. An angry person is a very sorry person

. Let’s dislike people looking for strengths and praise them

  1. Those who do not risk do not have any profit
  2. You can not get fish when you are asleep
  3. The drone’s bark does not reach the sky
  4. Those who go slowly go safely to a long distance
  5. People who have teeth have no bread and those with bread have no teeth
  6. If it is a flower it will bloom

Escape from any cause of stress anyway

. It is an excuse and it is never a bad thing to make an excuse

. I do not respond too much to expectation

. Complex will change from merit to moment

. A great opportunity to expand your vision overseas

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