let pc sleep while you leaving


Do not turn off the PC

I try not to turn off my PC frequently. Basically keep the state of the computer to sleep when I’m at home other than going out.

Do not put application software on the desktop. Put frequently used application software in the task bar below.

Periodically deleting obsolete images and videos. Always keep the amount of data light in order to keep the personal computer operation fast.

It is important to periodically delete transmitted and received mail. Since it is dangerous to delete important personal information so that it does not leak, there is free data deletion software, so you should use it.

There are many other reasons for delaying the operation of the PC besides the data amount problem. Extra audio and images and colorful desktops are also responsible for slowing down the behavior of the computer.

If the volume of the desktop personal computer is large, the personal computer function will be improved

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