Let’s stop getting

Let’s stop getting

I’m refraining from getting it.
However, I really want to stop getting it.
Eating food is a kind of thing.
The act of getting nourishment is necessary for living.
It’s a simple story that it’s enough to get the elements you need to live.
The problem is to suppress desire.
But the burden of mental and physical damage that you get is a promise.
What do you think?
What do you want to get now?
Is there a risk of getting sick if I don’t get it?
If it’s a critical emergency, get it.
No one will prevent it.
I was thinking about what to get in the evening.
And I also thought about losing and disappointment.

Graduation from smartphone

I have a smartphone with a two-year contract.
There is a contract period until 2022, and you have to wait for the cancellation period from April to May 2022.
I was aiming for the ultimate minimalist and searched for unnecessary twist listings for myself.
The result is only $ 100 a month for smartphone communications.
No car.
No microwave.
Without her.
No wife.
Without children.

1.No friends.
2.No parents.
3.No siblings.
4.No relatives.
5.No bets.
6.No pets.
7.No refrigerator.
8.No dryer.
9.No washing machine.
10.No hair dryer.

There is nothing more unnecessary in everyday life.
I reflect on myself in the past when I got my smartphone.

Get your own life

Each person has a different lifestyle and shape of happiness.
Therefore, we cannot give accurate advice on it.
It has nothing to do with places or relationships, and I think it has a lot to do with work.
I am enjoying a life of extreme poverty.
But most humans will find it painful.
It is affected by cognitive damage.
Humans’ perceptions change depending on the situation.
I knew it at 4 o’clock this evening.
This is a story that leads to the theory of life ± 0.
The normal state of human beings is zero.
If you feel good, you are in a positive place, and if you feel bad, you are in a negative place.
Imagine a graphic drawing.
The recognition of the positive state is not the recognition of the 0 state.
The perception of myself in the plus is a harsh perception with a strong desire.
In other words, I feel disappointed with the current situation.
Then, the negative element returns to the original 0 of the worker.
The moment when you get a negative factor is the strong pain of human beings.
A positive rise shows a bad meaning.
Getting what you want is a positive increase.
The confident conclusion is that if you get your own life of true happiness, everything is settled.
True happiness cannot be obtained by the act of receiving.
It’s good if someone is happy with a smile by always giving someone a compilation of daily trial and error and ideas.
This is not an abstract thing.
I think you should start with a plan to create a situation where you can control your work.
It’s a company, a freelancer, and a private business.
Is it strange to find it difficult to belong to a community and get happiness?

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