Letter to future people


Letter to future people

I recently came up with an interesting idea.
To make future people appear in animation.
And I want to express anger, loneliness and sadness.
No modern man expresses anger or sadness.
You won’t be able to sympathize with Westerners and blacks who avoid extreme sadness and anger.
However, I feel ironic that they desperately avoid suffering and sadness.
The element of joy cannot create emotion.
Modern products have only a calculated extract of hobby.
However, there are many people who fanatically worship, believe, or invest in someone.
If a future person knows me, I cannot know the future person.
I don’t have 50 years of life.
Are you probably alive 50 years later?
What do you want to leave on the ground there?
What do you want to leave
What do you want to leave for whom?
If you want to keep something, why did you want to keep it?
I want to leave something for myself to a stranger in the future.
It’s a personal cause.

Animated cast of sadness

I have no intention of denying the fun fantasy world of America.
However, there is only a feeling of blankness.
I want the exact opposite of everyone.
It is sadness, anger, criticism, jealousy, humiliation, and suffering.
Unfortunately, they eventually turn into joy.
There is clear content in the upcoming animation production.
I always come up with creative ideas and work on them, but it’s not a good idea.
A famous singer-songwriter lamented that he was not impressed with modern artistic works.
When I heard that, I felt relieved and was saved.
He wrote a lot of cheering songs for refracted humans on the theme of sadness and anger.
I myself vowed to be a creator like him.
It’s anger at modern popular garbage products.

Impressive depiction for 3 seconds instead of money or honor

I thought about what to send a message to future people.
It’s not to get the sympathy of future people.
I want to tell future people that I am lonely and angry with modern people.
And I think anger is intense love and justice.
The product that I am happy to express is the product.
I’m not a product, but a work of art and a flower.
You shouldn’t easily sympathize with or hug someone who is sad.
I think it’s important to sometimes restrain yourself for the growth of others.
Well I feel ambiguity in the process of making animation.
I think that’s because I can’t directly express the really important message.
It doesn’t matter if you desperately convey your message in poor English.
I am fascinated by expressing the world of fantasy every 3 seconds.
But it’s a difficult trick and I don’t want to end up with amateur art.


We are on the sidelines during today’s 2020 Corona Festival.
I am angry at the stupid appearance of humans during the infection festival.
If you express it, only the minus of murder and suicide remains.
It doesn’t help future people.
You can bet your life 30 years from now as it is now.
It can be expected that the world is expanding, where fossil fuels are decreasing and people are just repeating cleanliness and slander.
There is nothing to expect there.
I have already drawn the world of the future where the ice of the Arctic and Greenland has melted, but that world is a world of the future a little further.
I think that world will stimulate humans living on the earth in 2050, 30 years later.

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