Recently I started going to the library.
Once upon a time, the library was designated as a learning space.
Because it is not good to study at home.
The countryside library is really comfortable.
I have two libraries.
Anyway, just working in a shopping mall cannot motivate you.
Motivation can be regained by changing the environment.
I’m reading a personal biography book in the library.
It is for self-development.
You may be narcissistic about the act of flipping through the different types of print.
Anyway, since we are paying city tax, we should use public facilities.

Others watch video games or Youtube at home

People who don’t use the library don’t use it for life.
It is actions and judgments based on individual personality.
Stay home all day long using summer air conditioning.
Many people are spending a day enjoying internet games and videos.
For me, the maximum viewing time for a YouTube video is 2 hours.
You cannot watch more than that.
I just want to give priority to the act of thinking above all.
And I graduated from video games in elementary school, and most YouTube videos are vulgar and poor quality.
The problem is what to spend the finite time of life.
You should make an effort and work for your own future fertilization.

Quiet space

The library is a summer resort and a place for unity of mind.
I feel nostalgic in the library at dusk on Sunday.
It misses Jackie Shen’s movie that I borrowed from a library when I was in elementary school.
I have to keep learning for my entire life, so I think I should keep going to the library for my entire life.
Even an old man would read books at the library.
Evacuating from the noisy world of the Internet to a quiet library is very important.
I’m actually using the internet for creative work, but at the risk of immersing myself in the virtual world.
Therefore, immersing yourself in the Internet can cause you to stop thinking.
It is necessary to secure a personal space and look directly at the reality.

Chair taking game

I think society is a chair-taking game.
An educated person can wait near the chair when playing a chair-picking game.
However, unprofessional human beings are designated as waiting places far from the chairs.
This is a very good analogy.
People who do not analyze things posted on the Internet are unhappy.
And you should definitely have a philosophy and theory of life.
You can learn from the Internet.
However, there is a lot of unnecessary education and information, and there is a risk of mental damage.
So I can’t recommend cultural education in the virtual world.
You should acquire knowledge and become wise with analog education.
Clever humans are studying in libraries and study areas to win chair-winning games.
It surely widens the skill gap while they are having fun.
They enjoy giving them good jobs and favorable social status.
People who have never been to the library should definitely go to the library and read a book.
I can assure you that education will make your life better.

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