Life in Japan

Life in Japan

There is a Youtube channel called Life in Japan.
An American family in 2014 came to Japan to evangelize Christianity.
This is a channel video that depicts the everyday scenery of the American family.
I am a genuine Christian believer.
In March 2013, he attended a Christian church in the Brazilian community in the neighboring town and was baptized.
I check the Youtube channel related to Christianity without fail.
Nate, the owner of an American family, preaches in a church called Paz church.
He is mainly involved in the production of Life in Japan.
I’m not interested in the video of their interest in Japan.
It simply refers to the way Christians should be.
I have interacted with various Christians.
And I put the Christ Bible on my work desk and pray to God every day.
Nate is a minister with three daughters and one son.
He was a very well-educated American minister who lived in Brazil before coming to Japan.
I don’t know how he came to Japan to evangelize Christ.
But I think there are reasons related to Brazil.
There are many Brazilians living in Japan, and the town next to me is a Brazilian town.
I interacted with various foreigners because I was interested in foreign countries since I was 23 years old.
And I went to a supermarket and a restaurant in a Brazilian town to experience a different culture.
One day I visited a church in a Brazilian town.
It visited the church by some urge, but for no apparent reason.
I visited the church on the day off from work during the New Year holidays and applied for church participation.
Then my life in Christ began.
There is an Islamic mosque in the city where I live.
And there was also the possibility of actually visiting the mosque and becoming a Muslim.

Every Friday at 7pm Japan time

A video of Life in japan is uploaded every Friday at 7 pm Japan time.
It is premiered there.
And every Sunday, the missionary broadcast of the Paz church is also broadcast live.
I watch videos of the Nate family and the ministry of Christ every weekend.
The video of the Christian ministry is being broadcast live from about 11:15 am.
I really want to visit the church, but my house is more than 100 kilometers away from the church in the city so I attend church online.
The depiction of a fun American family in Life in Japan is evaluated as a healing video.
Actually, I think Nate’s personality is suitable for a pastor.
I used to have the feeling of becoming a pastor, but I gave up because I didn’t have time to study and practice theology at university.

Existence of an orthodox American family

I hope they return to the American countryside and live a happy life.
And I hope they can make use of Japanese culture, good customs and customs in the United States.
There are many fine churches in the United States, and I think it is their real job to send Christianity to the world at their home.
It turns out that evangelism activities abroad are very meaningful and correct for them.
That’s obvious when you look at Life in Japan.
I think that the teaching of Christ is really necessary for America in the future.
Christianity is gradually spreading in Japan, and I myself am a believer in Christ.
They can rest assured that they will return to America and continue their Christian evangelism.
There is always a church in Japan, and there are many Japanese pastors.
I am enrolled in a local church and a letter about the church comes to my house every month.
You can feel the splendor of Christianity by watching the video of the Nate family.
That’s what I feel strongly about.
It’s not an unbalanced channel video that is randomly uploaded every day.
And it’s well worth using a healthy Youtube channel.

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