Life is time for killing time


Life is time for killing time

Humans are killing time until they die
I do not think that I am working to live
Reconsidered that it would be good to leave the dream
I think work may be the best way to kill time
It is great to live by discussing volunteer activities and life

What is it to live?

To live is to feel something
I can feel it because I live
I have lived to this day asking myself
We have a choice of suicide but we choose to live
Yutaka Ozaki’s Shelly is my favorite song
I feel that what is important in life is to work on it seriously
It is painful to do love, but it is also painful not to do love
We can not escape from problems, suffering and sadness
Still, we have a sense of duty that we have to live tomorrow
So why do we have to live?
And why do I keep writing blogs?
Why am I avoiding someone’s mercy?
Why am I living in this city?
I think our conflict will last until death

We must keep crawling up until we die

Each has a definition of success
First there are good and bad appearances
There are many dreams
There is always an evil, obstacle or handicap in every life
So we feel that our lives are fair
Well I feel like I have a mental burden every time I meet my desires
I think that if you want to avoid more mental pressure, you will not meet your desires
I feel that it is important to be satisfied with my life to endure the pain of loneliness

1 I abandoned my career
2 I abandoned my family
3 I abandoned my friend
4 I abandoned my education

Abandoned the ideal
I abandoned my dream
I have thrown away a lot of things for myself
Certainly the condition of loneliness is painful
Certainly loneliness can not get someone’s help
But I remember the nasty living environment of my grandmother over 10 years ago
It is not wrong to throw away my family for freedom

I want to live by believing in myself

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