Lifelong health and health


Lifelong health and health

Recently I am conscious of the protection of my eyes.
The reason I take great care of my eyes is because it is one of the creative conditions.
It is natural to be aware of health promotion in order to achieve the goal of active life.
Anyway, working for a long time upsets the long-term plan.
There’s no mistake.
What is the afternoon time zone for a living entity?
Nocturnal animals do not work during the daytime, they just rest.

Up to 2 hours working time

The most terrifying thing is to reduce your eyesight.
So I regularly take a break from my computer.
It takes time and effort to produce a masterpiece.
And maintain the creative environment and estrange from human relationships.
I’m not interested in talking about working for more than 10 hours.
I hate the temperament of Asians who work long hours and endure.
Concentrating in a short time and resting the body leads to extension of active duty.

Genius will not be born in this era

Old works of art were very creative.
I think this is because humans are easily awakened by inconvenient situations.
The environment for producing masterpieces in the present era is not in place.
I think that the conditions for a genius are background, inconvenience, and seriousness.
I deliberately create an inconvenient daily life.
I don’t think any more groundbreaking items will be developed.
There is no human evolution.

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