How old do you want to live?
How old can you work?
How old can you enjoy romance?

We are looking for longevity. Most old people are consumers. They continue to consume and watch TV all day. I have never seen an old man jogging in the early morning. I want to work till 75 years old, so I am careful about my health.

Internal organ strengthening

I am looking for a strong internal organ. I want to cure my illness with exercise therapy and lifestyle without using medicine.
I shorten my time using glasses. This is to reduce the burden on the eyes. A meal without vegetables is not a meal. I don’t have a refrigerator so I don’t eat cold food. Gastrointestinal management is very important.

The age group that can move from 35 to 45 years old

I feel that 40 years old is the age at which human abilities can be demonstrated most. And I think that up to the age of 35 is an organization that can pursue a vocation. I am 33 years old now, so the remaining 2 years are time limit. But I’m not impatient. I think I can challenge even at the age of 40, based on my life experience and skills. But I can’t give good advice to people who are getting married and raising children.

Stress from children

I don’t think there is a desire for a couple who is free from the stress of their children. Are they looking for security? Are you just looking forward to your child’s growth? However, taking care of crying babies and rebellious children seems to shorten their lives. I am not confident that I can prepare a $ 100,000 child study abroad fee in 20 years. Looking at documentaries of large families, teenage student moms, and divorced single mothers makes me feel lonely.

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