Risky business

There was a period when I longed for a Hollywood star as I was watching Hollywood movies around 23 years old. Especially my favorite actor was Tom Cruise and he liked all the movies that portrayed his challenging spirit as it was and was a material of self-enlightenment. There is a moment when you have to desperately try hard to find answers at the time when everyone becomes uneasy or in doubt. I am anxious about getting job hunting now and are standing in difficult times. I am aware that I must carry the risk without fail after making any judgment and I am conscious that it is not good if I just stick with advantages. I am currently checking job websites every day. Job site I have registered is Linkedin only. I am thinking about occupation as video related or photographer assistant and working place in the center of the city. If I can not find a job I would like to aim at image creators while working part-time in a bar in Tokyo. As I wrote at the beginning I am going to work in a bar because I am influenced by Tom Cruise movies. One of his favorite movies is a movie entitled Cocktail whose story composition of the movie resembles myself and it is a movie that I can have close to me now. Because I commute from the local countryside, I can predict that it will be a heavy burden on my physical strength. The distance from the local to the metropolitan area is about 65 km and the train commuting takes about one and a half hours so it is quite probable that the first period will be painful. I myself do not allow compromise to get a job at a proper company and I am seeking stability halfway but I do not feel like getting a job anyway. I would like to seriously confront my work as it is a job hunting activity that becomes a foothold for my future career. If I could not find a job I had to work for a part-time job with a high salary. When choosing a high salary part-time job type, what I have to think about is the domestic demand of each industry and it will be the balance between the supply and demand of the world. I myself am afraid that I am inexperienced and want to work with a job type I am strong and curious. I do not care about strange things and I want to work in a genre that is completely out of place to make the possibilities wider. I have never worked late at night and I have not been commuting for a long time so now I am excited because I can start a new thing. Tom Cruise was a program called actor studio where he appeared as a guest, and he was talking about a view of life and a movie in passionate passion. I learned from Tom Cruise on my own as to how important it is to pass on passion for something. The reality problem is that we can not absolutely ignore and we understand that it is useless to simply try things by emotion alone. We can become smarter and make life better easily with feelings and thoughts easily. We can remember fulfillment and accomplishment by human activities and economic activities and can continue to self restrain by human growth. In a sense I may be trying to be the main character like a cool movie Tom Cruise of life hahaha. The important thing to keep in mind when employing jobs with lessons learned in their twenties is the courage to clearly draw the boundary between information gathering. It is up to each person how to grasp a person like a female president in a movie called a devil wearing Prada, and I think that individuals do not want to miss a momentary joke in doing business. I think that it is no longer bad for inconvenience to others as a result of the extreme bias of passion for work. I do not want to lose humanity anytime I live, I want to keep pace with what I respect, respect for life and the real intention of human beings. Don’t you think so? It is a good thing to use something that demonstrates the skills that it has to the fullest as an offering and it will be useful for someone and I want to make an effort. I uploaded a long time movie of 30 minutes to YOUTUBE last night. Yesterday was a weekday but it was a national holiday holiday and no one was out and so I was able to shoot in a place where no one was there. I think that reasons why photography, shooting, and video editing while looking for job hunting are upfront investment for a farther future. I interpret that the origins and mechanisms of things in life are basically made up of causal response. Simply registering at a major famous job site Linkedin and doing job hunting is not enough. Of course, Linkedin of a job site connected worldwide is reliable and I expect it. What you have to do on a daily basis must make your existence of yourself a rare value to exist. That’s why I regularly upload unusual images and videos to social media to make people around the world share it, and that way is quite smooth.

Job hunting

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A movie that makes me self-enlightenment

Risky business(1983)  Rocky(1976)  Cocktail(1988) 
The firm(1993)  Jerry magiure(1996)  All the right movies(1983) 
Across the track(1990)  Rocky IV(1985)  Sound of music(1965) 
Hidden figures(2016)  Wrestler(2008)  Back to the future(1985) 
River runs through it(1991)  Toy story(1995)  Titanic(1997) 

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