Live a prosaic life


  1. Possibility

  2. A primary concern that be able to clear current state in this area, therefore it can be satisfy my procession. So I hope I am supposed to improve something regardless of race, religion, or sex from now on. As a negative reply to separation between politics and religion, anyway I am going to work on.
    About environment pollution is reducing exceed hot scotching weather and it is absolutely danger sign for all people from earth. Ironically enough, we all people can’t stop using convenience stuffs and so on. Our natural enemies is may exist of our mind’s desire, or compromise. Look up at this that the ozone layer in the atmosphere, sufficiently gas emission from cars in traffic jam. Need to consider of this for us seriously and it seems be like permanent problem. One of my customs per day that off the electronic devises which microwave and hairdryer and MacBook. By the way, I think we’ll should be suffered from overpopulation, the core of the global problem. What about correlation between human and other lifestyle, if we are going to keep on doing and undoubtedly it is our guilty, can’t be require as a precondition whatever.

    1. The luxuries of the rich
    2. Recreational activities during the vacation
    3. Having sex
    4. Eruption of anger

  3. I am mentally and physically exhausted by society

  4. What is thing which is leading a person to success. Uhh.. 🙄
    I think I am an ordinary exceptionally talented artist, but somehow I am not feeling positive about the new policy. What do you think what is offer valuable lessons? How do your way of getting rid of the frustration. I know everyone seeks a better life right now. The majority of people’s thought of it that not having a productive conversation everyday and expecting a miracle. But it could be the risk of overconfidence idea, you have to focus on the logical thinking.

  5. A church service on Sunday

  6. A passionate love of lord, constant pay for it, grateful to lord, making an own mind’s fortune, not a temporary activity for a while, being a serious christian is like me.
    There isn’t kind of community group’s institution and just coming to pay for it. It is time to make a meaningful moment on Sunday, someday I’ve had took a negative attitude for attending and it has doomed to disappear in front of them who comes from foreign country.

  7. This was an inevitable consequence

  8. we will be concerned a broad prediction before realized result, it is merely because we are interesting about pleasure. I’m not feeling happiness nevertheless I’ve been abandoning desire, pleasure. I wish I am willing making a dramatically procession until got a successful in near future.

  9. wanna be ordinary citizens of one

  10. Sometime I just wondering what should I to do, which is an adequate direction, remaining the same. We are always getting old per day and be going to be die finally. My odd activate choose which an apparent contradiction for ordinary people, I do not like to acquire a good reputations from many people. I am doing an odd way to behave which do marathon training in 40 over degree and always hoping to decreasing the population. Look like a fish only swim against the stream, for accomplish a mission.

  11. Steve jobs

  12. An inescapable things of one is death. Everyone is always being alone since from born, I recommend somebody to think of death’s destiny is our life’s benefit very well. Be safe in your situation is not allow to concern how make an decision I think. My thought is with Steve’s remarks that not be afraid to taking any risk in front of death. I doubt it that usual people are hoping to have a good time for a long time and avoid to take a risk without a cause, they say scary death, not accept such an incident. I am not exactly sure that it will be eternal life expectancy. But I’m able to predict things which general citizens want to do on day off and weekly day.

how feel slightly squeamish!!!!!
I woke up in lately morning and then that was triggered pain neck.
It’s called a precarious began a day and also preparing go out under the scorching sun.
This is beyond sufferance temperature to me, so isn’t an auspicious day for a day.

I am saying over and over,
This is climate anomalies caused by global warming
I was excruciated by a pain all the time

Flounder helplessly

Spoken words lack permanency



I don’t know exactly what is gonna happened to us in this week

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