The happiness of life is determined by having one’s own business and being able to control that business.
I have learned many lessons from Alain’s theory of happiness.
However, when I read a philosophy book, I naturally don’t feel stressed about problems.
I feel that I am able to reflexively exercise my reason.
Recently, the temperature has dropped and it is no longer necessary to go out for creation.
In other words, from the afternoon, I was able to read slowly at home.
This is a great thing.
Perceiving from a good book and feeling the rhythm of the world is offensive to me.
It’s a bigger harvest than we were able to keep food costs below $ 5 yesterday.
From this month I’ve become smarter.
All of the causes were reading good books.
Last month I sent a SOS comment on a Youtube video of the Christian Church.
I feel like I got a message from God there.
However, I personally believe in God, but not all preachers.
In short, I don’t completely trust Christians who travel by car or enjoy their meals.
I should be single as a pastor, and live a solid life as God planned.

What is your livelihood?

You can’t just have a living.
But if you don’t have a living, it’s even worse.
I am convinced that a life of happiness begins by abandoning the position of giving something and selfishness.
I’ve been growing my beard lately.
It may be just freaky, but I have a desire to change something.
I have lived a lonely life this week as well.
Recently, there is a way to do creative activities while listening to the radio.
Anyway, I think it is more important to cherish your livelihood until you die than to cherish your family.
I’m still reading a book on the floor without my jacket.
And I slept shirtless last night as well.
If your business is going well, you will feel that your body temperature is rising.
You are tired of keeping the final position.
That’s why everyone is attracted to the position of giving something.
I hope so.

Training is also a livelihood

Do not run in bad weather.
It was sunny yesterday but I didn’t run.
I was planning to run today, but today’s weather was rainy.
Well I lost my job today when it rained early in the morning.
But that’s not a lot of mental damage.
It is because I am studying philosophy that I can maintain such mental stability.
At the same time, I have to study theology, but I am still studying the basics of philosophy.
We anticipate that the public’s livelihood is watching TV and consuming services.
Ignore those who continue to promote poor service in consideration of those who are bored.
I learned from Alain the importance of moving the body.
Exercise is a preventative measure against mental damage.
The correct answer is that you can’t because you have time to worry.
I feel satisfied with my current life when I imagine people who work in a tired manner during the running hours.

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