Hi guys how are you doing now?
Let me ask you only one question..
Do you tell someone I love you everyday?

Power of love, there is so many way of love’s expression
Hugging kissing singing painting drawing taking picture whatever
We need to convey love for each other
but it is too difficult to keep loving on each other even if you guys would do that
how do you think of it?
We are standing on modern culture, society, competitions
Then I think our mentality is at least want safety or quietly area or own place
Have you ever had been saying tried so much so far? Could you remember?
In my case how long time to say that in teenage, 1000000 over times hahaha…
We always look forward to viewing beautiful landscape and sunset
Last month, I realized that someone told especial advice to young people who watch tv
Guys you seem getting tired everyday and I am sad
So I will give you some advice from now on
Humbling in any situation, on and on you must have many responsibilities in the future
But do not worry about it, do not need to confuse problems
please contact with lord, believe in lord, pray for it

If you ain’t someone who loves you, that is not true
You got mistaken, someone is lord..
– [ ] I love you