Loitering man


Everyone walks to work and walks home while walking on hard concrete asphalt. It’s quite dangerous to go out with information that you don’t need. I have no choice but to walk a lot and burn my body fat to feel and refresh. I was accustomed to something that has become accustomed to the recent climate change, where the temperature difference is fierce. Stress suddenly appears when we stop repeating our behavior patterns. I feel comfortable and nostalgic at the bell of the school building at 5 o’clock in the evening and I become a little sentimental. It is better to think about concrete strategies than talk about dreams, and it is better to go to sleep while realizing something rather than going to bed recently watching TV. What do you feel when you look at the superb view point of the city where you live? Who do you forgive and what kind of world do you want? How much do you usually feel your own unfortunate that no one can help? Can you explain how hard it is to live in the whirlpool of desire? How often do you feel satisfied with your own way? Because we live with problems of half-trust and doubt in various lives, everyone can not be a perfect human being. Everybody has planted more seeds of trouble every time they meet their desires in the presence of huge troubles. I often feel jealous of the city because I can feel that a fragile body is formed. I realize that it is natural to betray the betrayal by recognizing that the ideal result is an unnatural thing. A single chick is envyed in a flock of chicks but has not moved. I think that the characteristics of a successful person who left a broken record is the loneliness and the swaying person. Maybe the actual appearance of the city I feel is different from the actual appearance of the city. I think we should not compete but should respect each other.

What I care about is behavior

I’m trying to make memories when I’m taking a walk in the city at dusk. I want to keep in my heart the memory that I lived in this city forever. I watched a beautiful sunset every day and I stopped walking to see something beautiful. I want to feel the warmth of the setting sun by sitting on the guardrails without worrying about the people who walk while teasing the smartphone. I think that honeybees and ants who work hard to satisfy the conditions of a coexistence society also need time to relax. In the city of twilight I see things I don’t usually see and feel busy everyday and get impressed with myself. I hope to see the sunset in the desert of the continent someday and aim for tomorrow and see this beautiful sunset scenery around the world. You may wish to squeeze in the crowds with a reasonable idea or start walking again.

Psychology of cats and dogs who want to take a walk

People can be kind by the potential when they aim and have a place or goal they want to reach. There is a cause for losing the motivation to express something in videos and images recently. I have no desire to succeed and get rich and honor while I am alive, but I feel emptiness. I got tired because I am doing it while trying and trying to impress people. I’m reading a book or teaching material now as a rock musician who pauses to get some great hints goes a long trip. Even if you keep going around the city, if you don’t find an answer, it’s meaningless and you just waste time. Because I can not help it in my life without luck I tried to move my body and read the print and I was lost. There is no reason to like hanging laundry or washing dishes I might want to do something. I’m trying to figure out the movement of the wavelength of the chart of my life that I have always thought about. I will soon see the results of visiting God that what I should do to serve society. I have a feeling that the teeth are out of balance that the general household life rhythm and my human activity do not balance. I can not stand to watch TV, play video games or watch internet videos all day long at home. Every day I may be the only one who wants to pursue something in the midst of creative activities and keep in a state of control. When I don’t have an idea, I hesitate and wipe out something like a ready-made concept. I want to give an explosive impact, but I can not get a good idea because I am bound by theory and existing concepts. I’m thinking of making use of the story of a genius inventor or artist’s life as a reference, and trying to believe that I have talent as well.

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