Loneliness for freedom


Loneliness for freedom

If you get something in everything you will definitely lose something, sacrifice is accompanied if we try to make something come true. Things that are invisible much better than visible material. A bright future awaits ahead of surviving solitude you know that. I think that careful planning and instant execution power are concepts necessary to achieve a very high goal. So I try to put every piece of information into my brain everyday because in this society, a human who has more information becomes a winner. Sometimes it is necessary to sit around, once you stop working and grasp the situation again, keep constantly pursuing the fixed concepts always doubting the truth, I am careful not to be always done by social media. These important things can not be understood or understand unless they become lonely. The state of solitude is indeed painful, but most people can not endure it and end up entering the crowd. I have been pursuing the truth for the past few years and I think by myself I take responsibility myself.

Even if you are with someone but pursue the truth someone will doubt or deny and will try sneak up. There were only dreamkiller around me, looking back now. Father, mother, bosses and seniors are not absolute humans nor god.

Lifestyles will change at all by just changing a way of thinking and thinking of things. For example if I do everyone I will not do I will do if everyone does not do it. Judgement based on personality born by myself it eventually follow the flow of nature, if you do something different from a person as a human psyche, humans certainly feel uneasy. So important thing is to do self development. We get information which we do not need inside while getting various informations from various places and social medias everyday. We need to process that information we got once. It means that you dont trust anything right away. It is true that the information is confused as we all look at things from various different perspective, there is no certainty in certain knowledge after all. Whether freedom doesnt walk and affection doesnt walk the difference between the life of a loner wolf and the living wolf, freedom is cold, there is no temperature and affection is temperature and warm. I think that love is warmer and comfortable for everyone. I can understand that. But affection has some variation in temperature, it is absolutely not safe. On the other hand, in the case of solitude it is consistently cold, it has no shake ands is credible. I feel comfortable with the temperature of such a turbulent human relationship day by day. Either way two things have convenience and non convenience actually. I think that you can understand well when you see a person who repeats marriage and divorce. I have sickness accompanied by loneliness and I am not affirming everything that loneliness is all positive, however, trying to maintain a long relationship with actual persons is stressful. I think that it is best to stay with people with common values but a dilemma that only the same human beings can live biased way they are together will absolutely happen. After all its okay to make a choice that minimizes disadvantages to you. I think that we should decide what we thought. I understand by reasoning but there are certainly things I can not do anyway. I certainly like playing parties and playing with everyone but actually, I thought that I could not be happy with it so I chose solitude to gain freedom. That famous Leonardo da Vinci and wright brothers had a good single life to keep asking for a challenge, I believe that a way of life life them is good. I think that being happy is that there is something to do eventually. It is difficult to maintain the power that can balance work with home for decades. It is easy to say in the mouth, but its completely different from actually doing it. I am kind of a fate writer. It is no doubtful that what is born with such a personality as an asian as a man is finally fate. I recommend loneliness on this agenda but occasionally I think that it might be good to choose a way contrary to yourself.

When I find more pleasure than work I really dont want to get a pain. What is that emptiness after the end of the festival. The more I ask for pleasure, the more I feel like I get suffering later.

Hows everyones day to day life? If you always fill the glass with plenty of water you will not be able to enjoy the taste of the water. Lifes ups and downs should be less as much as possible so loneliness is the best way of living also for people I think so that.

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