My word today

Is it all about enjoying life? And I am lonely and feel disappointed with the crowd at an urban intersection.
No one in the crowd is walking alone. Everyone walks and resonates with someone. So I’m hesitant to spend money and time to maintain friendships.
Is it really all about enjoying pleasure? Free time on my holiday is tormenting me. It ’s hell on bad holidays.
I feel complimented by the existence of people who stop thinking about the procession of fast food restaurants and restaurants.
You know I can’t become popular, but I’m just looking at the wasting people.

I want you to be lonely

Ok I think the creation of globally popular people like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber is declining.
I feel that human beings are lazy when they succeed. I’m not complaining about playing a man who can never succeed.
Playing the hero of the challenger’s life is not bad.
A person who fills the center of satiety is a lazy person who enjoys only the party.
So I live in a small $ 500 rental apartment and I’m not interested in Beverly Hills’ mansion.
I’m just moved by myself who understands the essence of life little by little.

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