Long-distance marathon after a long absence


Long-distance marathon after a long absence

You can sweat a lot only in the summer.
I have to improve my aerobic exercise before winter.
However, I have recently hurt my left knee.
Run from home to the sports park.
I am doing a virtual interview while running a 5km course marathon.
And I am thinking about the meaning of life.
I’m running because I have to think of it as a treatment for mental damage by what I perceived in the morning.
There are no runners in the park on weekdays.
The public works on weekdays, and the lonely creator runs in an empty park.
I fully understand this scheme and live.
I realized that the exact opposite of myself was very important.
And I thought that I needed joy and fun to express my sadness and anger.

Exhaust gas is still being sprayed today

What is important?
No one runs on public roads in the countryside in midsummer.
However, I choose actions that conflict with the masses to prevent them from becoming popular.
I’m not special.
He used to be a member of humans who sprayed exhaust gas.
Every time I trample on the asphalt on the public road to the sports park, I want to protect my own personality.
Society hasn’t changed, and it will never change.
News such as economy, politics, entertainment and health are harmful to the earth.

Healing is soothing fatigue after aerobic exercise

Every day humans absorb toxins.
And humans will self-destruct if they do not eliminate the toxin.
I feel emptiness in my creative activities at the expense of myself to heal someone.
And I want to live as a saint rather than just living a meaningless life.
Also I perceive and recall the events of the unpleasant world today.
What to eat is boring.
No matter what I see, I’m not impressed.
You have to feel that all the offerings are just fun and later suffering.
The only ecstasy of life is tiredness after aerobic exercise.
Comfortable tiredness after releasing a large amount of energy is the best healing.
I always run because I know that positive events and emotions are waiting for me after a hard time.

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