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Make friends on the Internet is meaningless

If you say from the conclusion you can assert that making friends on the Internet is meaningless. Contact with human beings who have never met is an inhuman act, and I think it is difficult to construct a proper human relationship on the Internet. It is very difficult to build a human relationship at a long distance and there is no other way than to meet and talk to each other in person. In the first place it is difficult to construct human relations itself, I think that interpersonal relationships are troublesome and it is not necessary for life. I actually made overseas friends over the Internet about 8 years ago and was communicating, but now I am in a state of lack of communication at all. If I want to make friends overseas, for example I think that the best way to start with the relationship between students while studying abroad. First of all, in relation to human beings, starting with acquaintances, starting with friends and then becoming best friends and that is normal.

It is impossible for human nature to differ from nationality and skin difference and it is absolutely likely that there will be a conflict in human relationship just like the same tribe and it is wrong to judge things with just a selfish image. Using a strange dating application in order to distract temporary lonely feelings is a waste in the long run and I think that we need to create an environment and situation that can build long-term human relations. We must recognize the fact that there are things that can be used in various applications and software in the world and things that can not be used, and we must distinguish them. For example, because the application called Facebook is actually realizing that it is not really effective in the part of making friends, since I am aware that there is a crime on the net, I can not accept friends request unnecessarily. When thinking about others, what I think is important is not only images and photographs but also what they actually speak in face-to-face.

We must recognize that interest relationships always arise in all human relationships. And so that we must recognize that interest relationships always arise in all human relationships. After all it is difficult to make friends abroad so that you have to make opportunities to long-term study abroad or long stay and have direct contact with you, it costs money. For example I can not approve even if a friend request e-mail arrives from overseas through this blog because I can not afford to finish work now I can not afford to stay abroad for several years now. We must understand that there are sad facts that special human relationships become obstacles when confronting various realistic problems.

I feel that people who made friends with neighbors are much more efficient.

In a sense we may have something illusions. I feel like I ran into a virtual image with the momentum to escape from my trivial everyday life. I hope I can make my life better by making overseas friends, but recently I feel I should withhold behavior unless there is concrete effect. I myself have not done so much postings on Facebook and Instagram in fact but have not checked everyday. I feel like building a human relationship on the web somewhat awkward medium. If you are a camera phone like Skype you can still see communication well because you can still see the figure. I would like to go to various places to find people who keep a wonderful relationship that can co-exist and co-prosper.

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