Look at the soul


Look at the soul

A person who wants a physical body ruins his life.
I am paying attention to the souls of others.
And I think only the evaluation of the human soul is true.
It is not good to judge human beings by the standard of appearance.
And you can imagine that non-permanent relationships continue endlessly.
However, the soul cannot be seen only in the superficial part.
After all, you cannot see the soul without seeing the human voice and actions.
That’s why I’m interested in voice.
I think analog media such as radios are very important inventions.
And I am careful when distinguishing good people.
And humans know the definition of seeking the opposite.
There is no progress in the relationships between similar things.
That’s why I choose my close acquaintances carefully.

Relationships that cannot be changed

I am a very introverted person, so I am looking for a diplomatic person.
So I’m looking for a diplomatic person who is looking for an introvert.
However, very few diplomatic people seek introverts.
After all, they are looking for similar friends, friends and lovers.
I need a person who has what I lack.
That leads to the story of marriage.
I’m not looking for a diplomatic lover because I’m ineligible for marriage.
However, being able to advise a morbid courtship is a conflicting human quest.
Good people can only be friends with bad people.
I am convinced that conflicting people and people who can be in a neutral position are true friends and acquaintances.

Blacks can be my deep friends

I have never felt angry or sad about black people.
Because it is the existence of black people who are more than conflicting.
I’m in love with the black soul playing with friends on the streets of Africa.
It is certain that falling in love with the body will have a stupid ending.
I have a desire for Africans to watch my animated videos.
I’m not interested in African-Americans or African-Europeans who are fundamentally westernized.
Africans with a strong ethnicity will not feel any sympathy for me.
That is the reason why I can associate with Africans.
There are no familiar items.
The personality of Africans and me seems to be a relationship between humans and aliens that goes beyond the opposite.
I am convinced that such an upside-down or different things will show a wonderful chemical reaction.

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