Loss cut

Probability and loss cut

The theory that human beings hang on greed attitude is the correct answer. I think that being satisfied with the status quo is the place of the spirit of the greatest success, our desires have no limits. It is important for nervous people to want all things to be perfect, but it is the most important success technique that you do not think extreme. It feels like it’s easy to be willing to lose more than this, but it’s a bad feeling that it’s a bad feeling to want more profit. If you try to solve things at once, you can not succeed by being lazy against the course of little effort.

Anyway, at least we can secure the profit

In the first stage we need to acquire patience. I feel that even if things happen that everything goes well, I end up with a dull life. What I have invested in for several years is not money but intangible things like technology, knowledge, philosophy and theory. I was lucky enough to have plenty of time for one person to think. I really regret that I relied on material things and were indifferent to intangible things. I learned from Christian teachings that it is important to believe in invisible things and I was really lucky that I became a Christian. If you live without faith you have to carry on your back with a mental load I am proud to love God. It is important to know the information in order to live well in the modern society, but all the actions become meaningless unless you really delve into the meaning and meaning of life. There is no useful information item every day, I think that life is always moving at a wavelength like the range. We can not learn useful life lessons of human beings who constantly pursue groundbreaking ideas from their own life experiences. I realized that it was important to organize things theoretically even if I was troubled thinking it was messing up and I had to throw away my thoughts once. I am alive, always being driven by various things, but it’s all right, but I’m fine because I keep my desires to a minimum.

We will recover the lost one later

I would like to advocate that it is useless to continue regretting losing the match. I believe that it is necessary to analyze and understand the cause of the loss completely after losing anyway. I am always making mistakes and misunderstandings and hating about myself, but I have abandoned self-esteem for several years. The notion that there is no desire to always win is not absurd. I feel that it is the point how to make problems in the fact that there is no excuse. I understand why I can not get a good job myself, and I do not feel any concern for the current situation. It’s best to change your mood in a difficult situation, and it’s important to not get stuck as I said at the beginning.

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