Love grows up if it responds to the request of love


Love grows up if it responds to the request of love

Foreigners don’t want to talk about work
Foreigners are crazy about the party
It is the most fun thing for foreigners to escape from reality
Foreigners are looking forward to the friday night
Foreigners partying in Roppongi every week

I feel that it is not compatible with foreigners

I want to discuss real problems
I want to think about life
Baku himself wants to discuss the existence value of human with foreigners

Foreign women just want to enjoy life

A foreign woman who drinks and dances with everyone and enjoys life
I want to talk more seriously
I would like to discuss the Earth on the city’s veranda on Friday night
It’s even vain to dance and dance in a noisy dance party
If I do not want to feel the hopelessness of the end of the week, I think I should face the problem on holidays

I want a serious foreign woman
I want a serious foreign woman
However, only secular people are living

Send me a message if you have any feelings about a serious story or philosophy of life

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