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Loving training

Loving training

To say that I love my lover every day

It’s hard to tell that you love her even when you don’t love her.
However, I cannot continue this because I cannot sustain this because I cannot sustain this.
Life forms other than humans do not love the opposite sex.
Other animals see the opposite sex simply as a tool for leaving offspring.
That is the nature of life.
However, humans try to bring romance into reality.

No depending on your mood

It’s easy to email love every day.
It only takes less than 10 seconds to write I love you in an email.
However, it is hard to convey love even when it is hard.
This is a story regardless of nationality or race.
It’s a personal matter.
Depending on the mood, the momentary love of pleasure is an impure act.

Confession of love three times a day

You can tell your love by email or phone.
However, videophone can convey the most love.
Use WhatsApp.
If you have to do hard things every day, it’s difficult to keep up with dating or marriage.
It is not wrong to resign for companionship or marriage.
It is very painful to associate while doing hard physical labor work.
I can’t afford to have time in a situation where time is restricted.
So people in Europe and North America, who have no time restrictions, have very happy relationships and marriages.
After all, social class is very related.

Spiritual training to love

Love emails at least 3 times a day

Morning, I love you.

How are you doing I love you.

Night Good night, I love you.

It’s better to make a videophone call at work.
But this depends on the job.
Even if I work as a freelancer, it is difficult to confess my love every day unless I can manage my mind.
I think it is important to maintain love as well as work.

The longer the distance, the better the relationship can be maintained.

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