Low income


Low income

Someone said tome that we all family is going to be poor than ever. She always have made any of excuses to foster her family and then I have heard such a miserably discussion overnight after work. I didn’t understood why my family is in poverty and parents isn’t willing to struggle to make a lot of money for giving some opportunities to sons. Better have some kind of comfortably times than learning something like pragmatic skill to get good job. I’m not kind of like that.

It’s not point that original environment is making you many opportunities since from born. All of richest from born that is certainly not necessary to make money to enter university which kind of high cost institution. There are absolute social class which are working class and middle class and upper class in this world. We don’t need to careful of such as emotional thinking on society. We need to be serious man with economical systems since a long time ago. In my case that I never had thought of nearly future before when I was 20 over years old. This is jerk story for me.

For me such an entertainment’s show that is simply noise populations because I can’t afford to pay for purchase tickets to go to somewhere.

By the way I don’t think that current global appearance isn’t supposed to be change in further future. Everyone who’s expect such a processing technologies is just like unrealistic man for me. It’s not fast coming hugely innovation at sudden I think.

Always I’m not sure about economic situation between me and upper class. Why I can’t get an opportunities is because of weakly DNA actually and I feel like I have taken after kind of weakly and terribly DNA from parents. You can understand if you knew the scenario of classic move east of eden’s heroin character call. Well I guess that it is possible to ignore reality if to follow miserably lifestyle. Honestly what to stay with miserable man for a log time is very hard and it can’t be. 

We all poverty should not admire expensively stuffs or quality lifestyle or aboard trip or something like that, in fact poorest is fist of all not having pragmatic skill which kind of now taking highly demands in this era. The best of high income’s occupation is IT engineer I think.

Need to have some pastimes to rethink of reschedules right now right there for future.

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