I encourage people to take time for meditation to calm down.

  • It seem to prepare accomplishing behave oneself in early morning.
  • Better than taking plenty medications everyday.
  • In my case, after this that I am thinking of current feeling and remember of last experiences.

Think over of next decade year

  • Why do you think over about all incidents of 2017?
  • What is your most impaction last year?
  • Times go by is so faster for me and we all people still survive to outlive moreover.
  • In 2017, I had prepared for study abroad to Canada in this summer. It was rescheduled to stop doing this and by December 2018, I am willing to stock my hometown.
  • Everything is always not going to through it as my thought and have to bear reality or something like plight season.
  • This moment I thought, that is may have chosen unusual option.
  • I am considered how to make money in foreign countries now.
  • A years ago, I had never thought of current condition or around changed.
  • But I think we will have changed own mind to newly and it must be true life’s stream.
  • Rescheduling and coping with problems, over and again that our dirty seems to induct problems from somewhere I guessing.


Expertise and professionalism for working on business by our skills and I am supposed to search for own skills and prejudicing relate with job’s contents. This era for all general people is best one is programing skill, I think it will be demanding with internet business. Nobody doesn’t know social network systems in this era, times changed.

For example, in my opinion, maybe it doesn’t work getting a point for people who wants good advice.

  • What to sell whole stuffs which useless and helpless your lifeworks is totally saving a lot of money from your economic condition, actually I’d sold a car, guitar, all devices a couple months ago. I can’t use microwave and dry hair.
  • Its most important thing is what to acquire a few pragmatic skills for future is first.
  • The progression of high technologies were always publicized by soft ware engineers and it isn’t easy to chase innovation, what speedy is.
  • One day something reminded me what I did choosing worse way for a long term.
  • Nobody teach me how to get it through and help me without a cause.

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