Belonging to something means entrusting you with the management of your own life.
Working for a company means asking the company to manage your life.
That means that if you are a full-time employee, you will be entrusted with strong life management.
I recognize the importance of managing my life by myself.
I am convinced that there are freedom and self-management in the conditions of creation.
Life management by others is a factor that actually removes happiness.
A famous artist said that his creative activities were poorly managed.
I was honestly convinced of his theory.
The expression generated by entertainment has a history of being born by assembly line work.
If you don’t create it seriously in a situation where you aren’t bound, you can’t create emotional movements.


Company-managed artists turn their expressions into products.
This is the reason why it is said that the artist belongs to the artist because of the certain interests and the sense of purpose of avoiding self-responsibility.
I felt the danger and stupidity of leaving or relying on something.
I think that the strength of self-responsibility and remorse will change the real life to good quality.
I strongly recommend that you manage yourself thoroughly.
If you belong to something temporarily, you have to abandon your free will and self-assertion.
The company will respond if you complain or complain a few times in your life under your control.
You should think about what a true human being should be.
Everyone is convinced of the scenario of falling in love, getting married, having children, becoming an old man and dying.
I have abandoned unnecessary decisions to get relatively simple self-management conditions.
I think it’s a concept that people in the general public are not interested in.
But I believe in my ideas for creative activities.

TV drama

I think the condition for easy creative activities is the production of TV dramas.
It’s like making a factory product, not a creation.
There are masses who enjoy video works created under strict conditions of deadlines and rules.
Avoid producers who feed on the unsuspecting masses of thought-stopping.
I think that the creative site that cannot be severely compromised is film production.
But don’t put management like the due date there.
There is no influence on the finished product made in a hurry.

1.Money management
2.Health care
3.Relationship management
4.Self-mental management

We have to manage something on a daily basis.
However, I am convinced that if I can manage my life well, I can improve my life.
I think that self-mental management is the most important management item.

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