Manufacturing era

Manufacturing era

You can’t predict the happenings in life.
Sometimes I remember my painful past.
I think of the manufacturing era as a painful memory after experiencing various jobs.
There is definitely no pursuit of quality.
And I can affirm that it is not a place of emotion or expression.
Unless an AI robot is operating in a factory, humans must substitute for the robot.
In other words, the people in the factory are transformed into robots.
A robot that stops thinking without emotion simply follows the instructions.
Indeed, people who work in factories work by repeating the same actions over and over, killing emotions.

Easy for everyone

Until now I have worked in the manufacturing industry three times.
Steel products, automobile parts, and aluminum products.
Steel products have been manufactured for two months.
Auto parts manufacturing history is 8 months.
Manufacturing of aluminum products for 4 years.
Temporary employees are constantly looking for factory jobs.
We are always looking for factories for regular employees and the application conditions are simple.
Anyone can work without any physical problems.
Hell, not a factory.
I was going to hell for four years and ten months.

Man at work

Work in a factory and meet with supervisors and colleagues at work.
Honestly, there is no one working with a broad perspective, such as aspiration and venture.
The place where the system that destroys human relationships is established is exactly hell.
Mental pain, not just physical pain, is not odd.
One colleague at the factory had undergone gastric surgery.
I think I was probably sick due to excessive mental damage.
I think that people who are simply depraved are people who buy and drink canned juice and smoke during breaks.
I was studying English and going shopping for art supplies during the factory break.
Anyway, I had never had a fun conversation with a factory colleague.

Without skill

He has factory work experience but no skills to help him do the next good job.
I was simply turning around as a gear for factory management.
Conclusion With the work experience of a factory, you can never step up in middle class work.
It is okay to work in the factory for temporary living expenses.
Anyway, people working in factories basically lack interpersonal communication skills.
They have no idea about how to interact with people.
It is impossible to acquire skills in an environment where the worst people gather.

Anyway resignation

My advice to those who are struggling and working in the manufacturing industry is that you should resign if you realize that you have several months’ worth of living expenses and you have acquired the skills.
You should put your life first.
I have nothing to say about the manufacturing industry.
That’s why the article on the manufacturing era ends here.
I admit that community service has been established by manufacturing products at factories.
However, he never acknowledges the harsh working conditions of working overtime two hours a day and working six days a week in the factory.
I think that people who still have to work should think about the essence of the problem early and consider a solution to the problem.
I think it is wrong to just suffer for the cost of living in one life.
I do not take my industrial exports positively.

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