Every marathon runner is running for something.

  • Diet
  • Adjusting own spirit
  • Business

People seems to have original dream or ideal or something like that.

Yoyogi park

After attended church, I pass by Yoyogi park and you can see many marathon runner in there. I don’t take part in their marathon community. Everyday I do so many times communicating with coworkers and prayers. I need to recharge my mind for next week.

Turning point

it’s last day that I until will be working for current campany on 30th september. I mean I gonna quit job tomorrow. This is all for my career and progressing my life. Then I suggest…


Comes to see yasunari kayama

From next month, I gonna be free therefore we will be able to meet in Yoyogi park every Sunday morning.
See you in there
thanks a lot

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