Mario bros


Mario bros

Mario Brothers, a world-famous video game character.
They are set up as Italian plumbers.
In other words, it is a white character design.
While there are various anime characters, their unique sense is shining.
I’m working on an original anime character.

No black anime characters

I recently conceived a black anime character.
Of course, other colored anime characters are also devised.
However, I want to create a revolutionary anime character like never before.
There are many western and oriental anime characters.
However, there are not many Indian, black and Middle Eastern anime characters.
I focus on the black skeleton.

Black skeleton

They are negroids and are said to be human ancestors.
Black people are far from us East Asians.
I myself have a little admiration because the African continent is so far away.
He pays particular attention to the skeleton of the black face.
I always draw and study illustrations of black faces.
He also pays attention to the color of black skin.
I want to create a revolutionary and novel black anime character that can change the image of black people.

Illustration production

I break it down into two tasks.
Illustration production and animation production.
Illustration production is the design of anime characters.
Animation production is about moving anime characters.
It’s very hard because I’m working on my own.
You have to draw the background, and you have to devise a scenario.
However, I am proud of working independently and I can increase my confidence.

Color to gradation

Basically, we try not to use a single color.
That is to create perspective.
Color gradients are very effective in expressing the nose and light reflections.

Analysis of world famous anime characters

Mario Brothers → White persons
Mickey Mouse → Mouse
Aladdin → Middle Eastern
I don’t feel the charm of an anthropomorphic anime character.
The famous Russian anime character is just a bear.
I think you should create an original character that incorporates some other characteristics.

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