Marriage experience


Marriage experience

There are a lot of pensioners when you look at urban houses
An old woman is greeting with a smile
Well I imagine my own future future age
I understand about life when I work silently
I have never been married, Marriage experience

Marital relationship and love relationship

I think it means that getting married with another person means getting married
So I feel that I need assets to continue my marriage
Married life of a couple without economic power is painful
I have to work without enjoying weddings, newlyweds and honeymoons
The heart of a crowd tired of daily simple tasks

Adolescent figure of 1 Audrey Hepburn
A rich man suffering from double illness
3 I can not relax at home due to climate change

I’m thinking of happiness for a lifetime
Most loved couples are children
I would like to have my own children but I want to prioritize my economic situation
Even if I play a passionate man I get tired and my nature is different

Love is the best entertainment for human beings

The general public is pleased with celebrity divorce reports
And the misery of others is the taste of honey

Don’t trust people who easily flirt

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