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Keep using the same application

I want to be alert to the era when new products are being developed and sold one after another.
That is to keep using the product you are using.
Every day a new digital product ad is posted on my blog.
He uses Google affiliates on his blog to gather information.
It is a source for yourself and your readers.
But the product I use to create animations is Adobe.
To be honest, I have not been able to use Adobe products perfectly yet.
So do not use non-Adobe applications.
Many people have a habit of quickly purchasing and using the latest products for convenience.
But I don’t cheat.
It’s been over a year and a half since I started using Adobe, but I’ve been using it for my creative work.
In short, it depends on the skill of the user.
I use Adobe products every day.

Master the tools

If you use a good guitar, you can get a good sound even for amateurs.
However, if you continue to focus on products, you will not be able to grow to improve your skills.
It is important to practice everything.
There are endless ways of expression, and it is very interesting to come up with and express various ideas one after another, which is a kind of pleasure.
Check out my Youtube channel.
The animation and editing of my old YouTube videos is very underdeveloped.
You can always look for improvements by completing your work and comparing it to past works.
That is growth.

Principles that do not use anything other than Adobe

There are various video editing software and animation software, but there is basically no difference.

There is no point in substituting existing characters and works already created by animators.

I think Photoshop is the representative product of Adobe products.

Mastering Adobe products to join a web designer company is very effective.

Anyway, Adobe definitely helps all web creators.会見拍手.mp4会見打ち壊し.mp4ふざけんな.mp4

Less competition for YouTube animators

The reason I decided to use animation is that there are so few competitors.
In fact, Youtube is one of the most famous internet platforms in the world.
He is engaged in a variety of expression activities in places that transmit to the world, but few YouTubers use animations and pictures.
I’ve never seen anyone creating their own YouTube videos with Adobe Animate.
Dive into the blue ocean world with a foresight is one of the ways to succeed.
I am convinced that it is important to compete on a one-of-a-kind basis.

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