Master the royal road


Master the royal road

The wake up time at 5 o’clock in the early morning is late for me and I can understand the tiredness of last night. I want to take a walk and change my dog, but it costs money to raise and there are no pets to keep in the apartment. This morning I pulled out the deposit and deposited it in the bank deposit. I have a fairly simple life because I have to pay for living and transportation expenses for $ 500 until the end of next month. I think that I can manage to live somehow because I can earn several dollars a few days after I sold my defective laptop computer and defective equipment the day before yesterday. I think I should be proud of myself and above all else, not fame or fame. I have repeated the installation and output of collecting information appropriately from the early morning to noon and distributing over the internet. I am convinced that investing time, money, and passion in my brain is the first priority, and investing in play and playing is a strictly prohibited act for me. It’s great to work hard all day long, but I think that something should always be learned. Another important thing in risk taking a return is to invest in what will be a long-term return. After obtaining free information from various informants, I’m trying to analyze by myself and select which informant or information item to trust. I’m in the stage of setting goals now, considering the balance between technical analysis and fundamentals and my humble lifestyle. I learned that you should not act on the first break point immediately or take action if you get a second break point. It is important to be sure to become a trend twice to be popular in a wide variety of different genres. Short-term logical thinking is dangerous because you should start with a long-term plan in order not to become a one-shot shop. I learned the lesson that it is important to gain a little by little, so I have not yet realized real profits in the internet business so far. I have not benefited from learning, gathering information or posting to social media, but this is actually a pre-investment in success. An osteopathic clinic opened but was closed immediately. Because I tried to gain greed by doing all the work without hiring a receptionist or a physicist, the business collapse immediately and the osteopathic clinic was closed. There is no way I can get a profit from scratch and manage on the rising trend of earnings. Anyway, it is important to make an upfront investment to something practical on the condition that there is a certainty that you can always get a return in the future. I have learned something like the law of the royal road of success for several years so far. I read the autobiography of the successful person who gained great wealth and fame worldwide and watched the interview video and I have thoroughly illustrated the successful person. Being aware of the importance of mental training and mental care makes me unsuspected, and existing concepts and fixed concepts are shrinking people’s life options. I feel that I have gained the status of being able to disperse risk by acquiring skills of various genres until now. It’s my task now to avoid stress from many aspects in the repetition of learning from failure, thinking about strategies and acting again. After trying to understand the essence of happiness, I am trying to raise the economic power and increase the assets. I used to think that I could succeed in my own way, and I was a ignorant person who was self-respecting that his existence was special. I can not make decisions and act on things and get good results, and I feel like a rainbow that shines in a short period of time. I’ve worked hard like a horse-drawn horse until now, but I thought, I doubted, and I felt like the law of human beings. Like a dog and a cat living with my owner, I may want to live, and the daily life of livestock is terrible. I’m thinking of trying to edit as many animations and images as possible considering the expiration date of the remaining paid software. Even if you complain about a society that does not allow you to consider the condition of your mind, nothing is solved. It may be a shortcut to happiness that I keep challenging with a positive attitude and continue to achieve small results. Don’t be nervous, slowly and at first, if you try to understand it over and over again, you can understand it and you should correct misunderstandings and mistakes. I may be a successful person in the sense that I was able to secure some freedom, but I do not want to be able to profess the definition of success because I am not an economic one. My current first stage goal is to build a few hundred thousand dollars of assets by age 40. The goal of the second stage is to earn business income by acquiring the perfection and earning the labor with perfect income in the next few years. I want everyone to set goals and live up to today with a goal in order to live a rich life in the future. It just means that I want everyone not to be upset from the beginning.

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