Meaning of suspension


Meaning of suspension

I can read the intention of the music artist to suspend activity.
So I think they are expressors and messengers.
The creators pursue various expression methods and continue to work on improving the quality.
But you can’t produce good ideas and breakthroughs every day.
It is nonsense for an artist to use the expression of past works.
I think that always providing new things is the desire of creators and creative actors.

Slowing down the pace of creation

It is very difficult to make a work by trial and error.
I myself am worried when making various animations, drawing illustrations, and writing blog posts.
Updating blog posts every day is not easy.
To keep changing the topic of an article means to keep generating ideas.
You can write an article about what happened around me, but it would be pointless to post something boring.
I always think about things, and often stop thinking and drink hot water.

Fountain of ideas

I feel that modern people’s consciousness of labor is gradually changing.
I feel that there are various social activities, service activities and creative activities.
Everyone is changing their minds for entertainment.
And they make money from labour income by means of vested profit or loss.
I sometimes hear people who make money when struggling with creative work.
My creative activities aren’t economic activities, and I’m not just painting or typing in blog posts to make money.
It’s like a profitless charity, but I’m happy.
The important thing for me is the quality of the ideas that people have.
I am afraid that the fountain of my own ideas will not die.
And I refer to a variety of ways of expression, and arranging and expressing other people’s ideas is not a copy.
But when you lose the vitality of your ideas and activities, you end up with a mediocre life.

Not a manufacturing industry

I think the spirit of my activities is amateur.
In other words, I am not the person who supplies the demand.
So I want to be a writer.
I can’t commercialize what I want to express and can’t be an advertising tower.
I am sitting at my desk every day with the feeling that I want to express human emotions and draw pictures.
High-end foreign cars do not mass-produce, and first-rate artists do not release works casually.
The expressives have their own particulars and do not think that important works will be released easily.
I myself had been posting Youtube videos casually.
That is, like a manufacturer, mass-producing low-quality works is satisfying.
Choosing between financially stable life and commitment
We believe that high quality works can be passed on to future generations forever.

Morning comes and night comes

Do not have the desire to enhance daily life.
It is foolish to keep running away from hardships without letting go of pleasure with a vulnerable spirit.
We are thinking about the emotions of human beings living with various mental states.
It is not good to keep taking boring everyday life and physical damage.
Thinking about the phenomena where good and bad come.

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