Meet up with yasunari

Meet up with yasunari

Recently I knew the presence of a bench-up application called Meet up
A little bit I reflect on my own lack of intelligence
Anyway, I thought that raising my own subconscious was the first choice
Recklessly quit fulfilling his own desires
Once again I became lonely and started to think about myself, the circumstances of the people around me and the masses

Lifetime friend

It’s great to find a life partner
However, not everyone can always find a life partner
People who are not good at living together, acting together or becoming a joint life are considered to be marriage ineligibles

It is nonsense to participate in a mere feast

Do you want to have a meaningful life?
Wasteful consumption and extra effort are just vain
I do not want to participate in a non-free system meetup
There are various meet ups, but I think it’s up to the organizers

Organizer Yasunari kayama
Meet-up name Depend
Host location undecided
Hosting date To be determined
Host address of the organizer →

Please send an email to the organizer
I will reply within 24 hours
I, the organizer, will provide time for you
Videophone support on Skype
You can also respond to videos on Youtube

This blog is a personal blog site operated by me
If you want to know my detailed profile, please visit Linkedin’s link site
If you judge me to be a suspicious person, it is OK not to send me an email
I have not organized a meetup for profit, wrote a blog post or uploaded a video to Youtube

I want to hear someone’s trouble and I want to advise
I think I can advise someone’s dream advice because I can afford to laugh at my sigh

Please use the Meet up application
I also use Meet up application
I put a link ↓

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