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There is a possibility of losing a chance from neglecting

The only question I think every time I receive spam email is why I will not give my name.
I frequently receive spam emails from overseas for introducing SEO software and virtual currency account opening instructions.
I have never opened spam emails, but I definitely want to say that it is no good to open spam emails.
It is true that there are a lot of people in the world who get caught up in fraud damage, although they understand the theory that chances don’t come easily.
I remembered that someone was emphasizing that chances are created by my own effort.
You may think that what you were wondering may have been real and chance.
We may actually be looking for a chance but also missing or missing a chance.
It is useless to access or click carelessly while fraudulent incidents on the Internet are frequent in the world.
However, it is a fact that we live in conflict while we can not get a chance easily.
For example, I think it would be better to take action without risk.
I think that I do not leak personal information by exchanging messages in social media and I have to analyze.
I think that it is nonsense to protect the minimum morals and to take disadvantageous actions against morality.
However, most of the public are cautious about emails and solicitations from strangers and that’s the right thing.
However, when you listen to the story of the person who got the chance, there is a lot of kicks that got the chance by social media.
We believe that the lack of great opportunities in life may be due to excessive vigilance.
I am overly timid and nervous about everything so I am convinced that I have never been able to get a chance.
After thinking about information gathering, thorough preparation and risk aversion, I think it is okay to take action to actually get a chance.
I think that there is always a lack of information collection in the condition of fraud victims, and I think it is important to learn the habit of thinking ahead.
It may be due to my own appearance but nobody writes a message or comment in Youtube.
I am not dissatisfied with the viewer who has excessive vigilance against myself, but it is true that the number of viewing times is displayed several times.
What is the mood of the viewer who is watching my video silently?
So I’d like to write a comment on Youtube and interact to get a chance.


Getting up and running.
We do not need to benefit from the spirit of charity.
It is not safe to understand things in geometrical ideas.

I would like to meet up regularly

I want to announce this time. I would like to discuss and discuss with someone about life and society through blogs. I would like to discuss something inspired by readers who actually live in Japan. I want to meet up soon. I would like to meet up with the big events and events during the meetup. We do not prepare for events in particular and want to meet up casually. I would like to announce the date and place of the meetup one week ago. It was an opportunity to meet up that you actually devised Youtubers who meet up at the time of flower viewing. I would like to meet with someone directly and discuss life philosophy but I can not accept the theory of thought. I would like to hear from someone someone who is prepared to move things in theory. I think it would be nice if I could meet up at Yoyogi Park at the August summer festival this year. It’s just difficult to adjust the schedule between work. I just felt that I could not grow if I continued actively and I needed to move things passively. I am not a successful person myself but I have no desire to heal my heart wounds. I am always interested in foreign affairs and know that it is no good to limit the possibility. The meaning of having doubts in loneliness is that the sense of balance in society is always unbalanced.

Normal life

I think it’s not bad to look back on an unloved life and want to spend an ordinary life. Why are there people who can and can not do their best to gain wealth and fame? Is it because of the mind that the end of the life of the person who obtained the wealth seems to be rather inferior? It may be because you are stuck with greed that I am in a disadvantaged situation gradually. I think what healed tired mind is the work process after bathing and a sense of accomplishment after work. Encouraged by the unhappy human form, but why does it make me uncomfortable when you look at a happy person? I think that it is all about doing my own work in a lifetime. Everybody is dealing with a harsh reality while complaining and I compare life to a picture book of a small child. I also think that we should do what we have to do now in the difficult mental state of no answer. It is a fact that many adults rely on the support of their parents without being able to become independent as adults. There are a lot of people living with various circumstances in the world and everyone is living according to the law in crowded situations. I’m hoping to raise tension somehow while the temperature is low recently and my feeling is not clear. It is not a thing that has been done in the past but a phenomenon of the future that I am relying on now while wanting to achieve my own unique method. I want to live quietly and live in a calm natural environment, and I do not want to live separately in the city or make a living. I do not know that I should complain to my parents and God that I have no specs or cospa. People who are collecting money for the disadvantaged people are asking the pedestrians for donations in front of the station. I think what it means that I don’t have enough money to make donations and I am asking for donations. I want God to understand that I can not afford the financial and mental ability to help someone. I have truly believed that if you build up wealth in the sky while you are alive, you will be saved last. Even if I do my best, I can not improve my life. I was desperately responding to God’s request but I could not change my life dramatically. People in any country are alive with discontent and hurting each other. I went to a nearby church because I had time before going to a job interview today. I wrote the message because there was a message entry booklet at the entrance of the church. And I photographed the scenery of the church for Youtube. I prayed to God that I could get a job then. I went to a job interview after seeing the figure of Jesus Christ stuck on the cross. I believe in God’s existence but I firmly understand the teachings of the Bible. Even if I get a job refusal, that does not mean the absence of God. It’s simply because there is a missing part of myself. It’s not a bad story for me to die of saying that it was an honest story of sadness. I will never do things like boasting of being born with a healthy body for disabled people. I do not need to be loved separately but I think it would be boring to live an ordinary life. I think that fulfilling a desire may be like pouring water into a glass. We drink an appropriate amount of glass of water and when the contents of the glass are empty we pour an appropriate amount of water. It becomes a state of water immersion by a greedy attitude. I do not know that I can get an IT-related job, but I believe that everything is made up of the instructions of God, so I just believe in God.


What does it mean to continue endless production activities? We can not feel the weight of life in a peaceful world filled with saturated ego.Certainly humans wanted to build a peaceful world. But humans are foolish, imperfect, incomplete, childish, selfish and living forever. We will try to break the independence of others in order to defend ourselves, because denying ourselves will destroy our independence. The act of taking a rest is so important that rarity is important. There is no need to have a sense of crisis that pauses and people around you will get ahead. The theory that you can get cool by pulling out is correct. I feel that it is possible to start getting someone to acknowledge it by getting something like scarce value.

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