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Back to 2013 that I had been to study abroad to UK Manchester and for a month.

It was about to try having conversation with a lot of people who is absolutely native English speaker. In conclusion that I was able to convey them about what I would like to say but it was not easy to listen their fluently English and sometimes I couldn’t complete understood all contents which they were trying to convey me conscious or something like that.

To all people who suppose to abroad to UK

  • It is about traffic condition in uk and then you gonna have to use plenty vehicles for moving other place and especial thing was bus for me.
  • UK bus is kind of tradition and one of British cultures I think.
  • The first time was that I had bought bus ticket for a month and climbing upstair in bus.
  • You can see such a beautiful British traditional landscapes and households from upstair of bus. Honestly I had used only bus public transport when it had to go to school.


  • If you get to UK and then you gonna have to use public transport bus or taxi or train from airport. For me is that bus was the best of transportation.
  • UK Bus ticket, it is so called Megarider is available to get online.


Mega useful

Unlimited bus travel with Megarider.

Have a nice traveling…

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