Memories of France


Memories of France

I traveled to France for 10 days from August 30th to September 8th, 2012.
And I had an operation for a herniated disc in May 2012.
During the post-surgical rehabilitation, I was in contact with an African-French pen friend.
I didn’t travel to France to see him.
In fact, in February 2011, I suffered from a herniated disc and was on leave.
While I was on leave, I was watching foreign movies at home, going to museums, and studying French.
Especially at that time, I started oil painting.
I became interested in France when I saw a French movie called Yuki and Nina.
And I was studying French and was absorbed in art.
It was a year of spending my time crazy about oil painting and French.
After that, the condition of herniated disc worsened and it became impossible to completely cure it by exercise therapy.
I decided to undergo surgery in April 2012 and had my first surgical experience.
After the operation, I was aiming to return to work and had no plans to travel abroad.
I couldn’t afford to travel abroad due to the payment of surgery and living expenses.
But I received a letter from my Finnish friend.
My pen friends at the time were Kevin the Minion, an African-French, Johanna, an Arab-Finnish, and Katie, a Caucasian Englishman.
I didn’t have the courage to travel abroad for a precious rehabilitation period.
However, he decided to travel abroad because of a thank-you letter from the Finns.
In the hot season of August 2012, I wrapped a corset around my waist and bought an airline ticket at a convenience store.
And the departure time was in the morning of August 29th.
I have a vivid memory of getting up around 4 o’clock in the early morning and heading to the airport by train.
In fact, since high school, I have been using airplanes many times for school trips and club activities in Japan.
I have been to Korea on an expedition for club activities when I was in my second year of high school.
Although I stayed in Korea for only 8 days, it was not the first time for me to travel abroad.
I really wanted to go to Finland, France and England, where my pen friends live, but I couldn’t because of lack of expenses.
In the end, I gave priority to the intention to study art and set the airline to Finland Airport with France as the destination.
I set it up at Finland Airport because I can stay in Finland temporarily.

Impressive European sight

Finland was the first place in Europe for me.
And I vividly remember the scene at that time.
I remember being impressed by the bus running on the runway at Finland Airport.
It was Helsinki Airport.
The sight of many white people was shocking.
However, I was excited about the time I was standing in the wide world.
I got on a French aircraft by changing trains.
I vividly remember looking down on the land of France from an airplane.
The passengers sitting next to me were a black man and a middle-aged white woman.
I was also impressed when I arrived in France and was in line for immigration.
The BGM that was playing at the airport in France makes you feel nostalgic.
I will never go to France again, but I am convinced that it is due to climate change.
When I first got on an aircraft that emits a lot of greenhouse gases, I wasn’t a Christian yet, and I hadn’t made any animations.
Of course, eight years ago, I didn’t imagine the future of me eight years later.

A spectacular European world

I had no interest in tourist destinations like the Eiffel Tower.
And I couldn’t hide my surprise and excitement from the existence of different races than the artificial creation.
So I think it was evening when I took the train from the airport to the city of Paris.
I didn’t have a hotel I had booked and I was walking around the streets of France until 8pm.
Before I traveled to France, there was a person who ran a local French class, so I asked him about various stories about France.
He has lived in France for 15 years and can speak French.
I searched for a cheap hotel but couldn’t find it at all, so I had no choice but to stay at a hotel in central Paris for $ 80 per night.
That night I sat in bed and enjoyed the French atmosphere and watched a French TV show.
I felt strange about the Marilyn Monroe poster on the wall.

On the first French morning

Tired and excited, I fell asleep at a hotel in France.
And I experienced my first French morning.
I was looking down at the French road in the early morning from the hotel window.
At that time, I heard a woman’s pant voice and a blunt instrument sound from the next room.
For the first time in my life, I heard the sound of having sex at a hotel.
It was an experience that wasn’t even in my home country.
I remember the scenery of the stairs down to the front of the hotel, hoping for the fun of the remaining 7 days.

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