Memories of my elementary school days

Memories of my elementary school days

I was bullied by other children in the park when I was a kindergarten child
And I refused to attend the school and entered other children’s facilities
My first group life started with a bad experience

When I entered elementary school I was fascinated by comedians
It was influenced by the interesting program of Shimura Ken

First grade in the first grade elementary school class The first math score is 0
It was bullied again like the time of the second grade elementary school kindergarten child
I could make a third grader close friend
Fourth grader I often said something playful with my close friends
Fifth grader close friend moved and became alone again
Sixth grader first love

I was addicted to Dragon Ball that was broadcasted every Wednesday at 7 pm
I was in love with Jackie Chan
White and black were aliens for me in childhood
I had no interest in foreign countries until I became an adult
I have no memory of doing my homework
I was fat when I was in primary school

There are only 2 classes
Only 30 men and women in one class

I have no friends at elementary school
All elementary school classmates were well behaved and serious

All elementary school students are Asian
The eyes of all the students are thin

Homeroom teacher in elementary school class

Mr. Kurihara-sensei, a wonderful female teacher with motherhood
Mr. Machida-sensei, A young and beautiful woman teacher
Mr. Hamano-sensei, A tough aunt with a frog-like face
Takiguchi-sensei The best male teacher who gives interesting classes
Hoshino Sensei ordinary man teacher

When entering elementary school April 1992
At elementary school graduation March 1998

Japanese elementary school for six years
Summer vacation is only one month
Winter vacation is about two weeks
Spring break is about two weeks
The leaving time is around 3 pm

It is a good memory that the lunch was delicious

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