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The most important thing to consider when traveling abroad is about medical insurance. The most important thing to consider when traveling abroad is about medical insurance. I will strongly advise that it is better to enter medical insurance without fail even when making a short trip abroad. There are various options as to whether overseas medical insurance will be applied as a credit card service, so it is better to be careful about that. For example, when using a credit card service, there are options that apply when overseas travel days are less than 3 months and there are any accidents or illnesses.
I heard that the maximum number of days for tourist visas in most countries is less than 90 days.
For example, if you are staying for 90 days Temporary withdrawal of National Health Insurance to enter private private health insurance or go directly to overseas travel while subscribing to National Health Insurance. In case of temporarily withdrawing National Health Insurance and going overseas traveling It is actually that we must do something annoying to join the National Health Insurance when returning home. However, if you go overseas while joining the National Health Insurance If you get injured or sick, you have to pay medical expenses yourself once in the country of your traveling country and after returning home you go to the city hall and do the procedure There must be. If I do not go to the city office and do the procedure I will not receive the exemption from full medical insurance paid by myself.
For a very short stay in a few days I think it would be nice to travel alone. Just I actually experienced traveling alone overseas, but in fact I have been alone in France for ten days and it was very boring and memories I was bored and suffered. Whether you actually make traveling abroad fun or bored is up to the decisions of the traveler. In my case I think that if I travel abroad for 5 days to 3 days, I can spend it alone alone. In my case I stayed alone in France for 10 days and it was boring, I was lonely and the waste of time rather than anything else. Since traveling abroad is actually one of the leisure industry and it is one of entertainment, it is necessary to divide it to the last and have fun. It is also an opportunity for learning, traveling around famous sights in foreign countries, listening to different languages, feeling a foreigner’s atmosphere, and traveling abroad.
I think that it is not a bad thing to make friends overseas travel destinations. It is also very important to communicate using the language of the destination country and to adventure on your own. But I think that I want you to pay as a part of my hobby. Even if you make foreign friends, it is difficult to maintain that friendship very much when you consider it in the long run. The status of overseas travelers is various, some people actually quit their jobs and go abroad, others travel overseas with tourist visas due to work circumstances.
The last is about accommodation costs. Share house dedicated to foreigners is very cheap and convenient. It is very fun to see various cultures by living with people of various nationalities. However, if you live in a share house dedicated to foreigners, you will feel the feeling of an outsider in the country of your overseas travel destination. For example, if you want to travel to Japan and want to learn the culture of that Japanese from life think that you should still have a Japanese homestay. I am actually recruiting homestay and I am ready to invite you to my home. However, since they are actually living alone, they can not learn or feel the living feeling of Japanese families.
To the last it is a place of a space where amusement abroad is entertainment, a hobby and enjoying leisure time. Homestay is a very convenient system for those who want to experience living in a different country. I can say that I can live in the UK, Korea, France and my home country, but I can say that even though I actually live abroad my daily life does not change and my daily living is never changed in any country It’s not there.

Looking for foreigners looking for homestay in Japan

A detailed overview

Currently I am a creator aiming for a photographer.
I have the experience of studying in the UK so I can speak English regularly.
I was interested in foreign cultures 10 years ago and I am interested in foreign cultures.
Although it was planned to travel overseas in the past, we abandoned overseas travel due to financial circumstances.
Since we are planning to travel abroad surely in the near future, I wanted a place to exchange with foreigners to enhance English conversation skills and overseas circumstances while in Japan I am recruiting homestay this time.

The number of homestay days will be up to one week, but if you want more than one week I will consult with you

If you are a foreigner who is planning to come to a sightseeing trip in Japan please do not hesitate to send me a mail.
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If possible, I’d like to talk with Skype before traveling to Japan.

I will introduce myself lightly here

Name  Yasunari kayama 
Age  33 
Nationality  Japanese 
Occupation  Photograper 
Family circumstances  Living alone 
Talkable language  English Spanish French 
Travel history  South Korea UK France 
Pet circumstances  Currently I do not have any pets 

If foreigners who have already decided where to stay in Japan want to communicate somewhat with Japanese, please do not hesitate to E – mail me.

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