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Mental illness

Mental illness

I found it happy that I didn’t have a mental illness.
And I read Socrates’s argument.
You can borrow the intellectuals of the great sage there.
I think Socrates is better than the person you admire.
It takes thousands of years to become a wise man than a famous human being from BC.
Even if I can prove it, I can no longer witness it.

Psychological issues

I went for a walk this morning.
And I was sitting on a bench in a nearby sports park thinking about economic and environmental issues and the future.
I also thought about information in the mass media.
What makes oneself unhappy is not matter.
No one directly harms me.
What Causes Mental Illness?
I thought about things with a calm sensibility without constructing a theory.
The chirping of birds and the sun shining gave me a sense of well-being while sitting on a park bench.
At that moment, I felt like I was in the Nordic countries.
We do not deny people who are doing their jobs due to mass consumption during the daytime on weekdays.
However, time is finite and money is limited.
I was thinking that there is no infinity and there is always a limit.
The mice that continue to participate in the rat race are cute.
However, I feel meaningless to continue running the race that I can not reach.
Considering that the national character is built by various situations, it is unfortunate for a country with many patients with mental illness.
A nation that prioritizes money is a dirty nation.
You can imagine the psychological depictions of people returning to their home countries by being deceived by superficial impressions.
I have never studied psychology.
However, at the age of 35, I think it will be possible to respond calmly to things.

Migrant spirit

I am convinced that those who seek status, honor, and money have a good mental illness.
Which nation is the nation that corresponds to them?
I have a lot of money but I don’t have free time.
And I have free time but no money.
Free time of about 2 hours a day.
Poor meal menu every day.
Which one can you compromise on?
Society is creating patients with mental illness.
The masses are mentally ill.
I have to ignore the creations, opinions, judgments and outlooks of life of people with mental illness.
That’s why I don’t watch the news.
It is important to make a semi-confident and substantive relative evaluation of all information.
It’s like a man migrating from the poor countryside to the city.
You have to be happy with the local countryside.
The reason I’m not satisfied is the depiction of the whirlpool of desire I’ve seen in the past.

This is not ironic

I’m struggling with my work so much that I don’t have the energy to read in the morning.
Just quit your job and think about things.
You can avoid wasting mental hospital expenses with 20 minutes of thinking.

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