Mental management


Mental management

Recognize that mental management is a necessary element for success
Looking at the people who are successful in business, they feel that they are thorough in mental management.
I’m a person who has never really had a successful experience in life and is always on the side of a successful person
So I absolutely have a desire to do something and have a lot of self-investment on holidays

I’m always looking for summer resorts in summer and don’t want to stop working

I think it is necessary to maintain mental management and maintain high motivation to keep trying
Most people are frustrated and give up on their challenges or live in a desolate situation
Well I always live with a sense of crisis that I can’t be a bystander
I am currently working in a sales position and for me it is not a profession and I work to maintain my life
There are various situations in the lives of people in the world, and it is natural that their statuses are different.
We recognize that everything starts with thorough mental management.

1. Aerobic exercise
2 Reading
3 Watching self-improvement videos
4 Self-answer

Ok I take care of four mental management methods.
You know I don’t want to have troubles other than work, so I don’t often build relationships
It ’s important to solve the problem at hand in order to achieve the goal
And there is always a failure in life.
There are many people who become frustrated by looking for an easy way to frustrate due to failure experience and becoming a bystander
Thorough efforts to become lonely to increase their own value

1 I’m 33 years old and I think I’m still a challenger even when I’m 40
2 I do not deny the desire to have my own family, but I feel that my family is an obstacle to mental management
3 I think that you can gain confidence by relying on your own strength and not relying on family support.
4 I have had many failed experiences and have frustrated and compromised many times
5 I don’t think I was growing up because I didn’t learn from my failure experience
6 I feel that I’ve been losing by relying solely on my own sensibility

When you live with theoretical thinking, you can catch things calmly

It is important to maintain your own pace without comparing with others

7 I will not be upset by the public behavior and behavior
8 I always just act on my own mental situation
9 I understand that if you continue the chicken race you will always compromise.
10 I think it’s important to forget everything to get immersed in something
11 I think the expression that life is time-killed is right
12 I think there is no choice but to do my best to work hard and do my best.

Even if you have fun with your friends, you can never become a rare person
And I give priority to my own rhythm even if I don’t get good results

13 I actually write a blog, but the monthly blog revenue is about $ 3
14 I think it’s never a good thing to work on earning money on a blog
15 I update my blog every day with the challenge of continuing and I’m admonishing my past
16 I do n’t need to get good results, so I ’m thorough to continue

Youtube videos are updated from time to time, but the number of views is about 3 times
But I’m not looking for good results but just working for my own self-development
The reason I am obsessed with using English is because I feel dissatisfied with the Japanese ethnicity
There are no Japanese Youtubers or Japanese artists who interact with people all over the world in English
Anyway, I’m solving questions to strengthen my own mental

yasunari kayama

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